Dr. Harvey Pass | New York, New York

Dr. Harvey Pass is a Mesothelioma Cancer Doctor at New York University (NYU) Hospital, located in New York, New York.

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Dr. Harvey Pass - New York, New York
Dr. Harvey Pass has dedicated his career as a thoracic surgeon to raising public awareness regarding the dangers of asbestos exposure and its direct link to pleural mesothelioma. Some of Dr. Pass's most important research findings occurred while at the Karmanos Cancer Center, Michigan between the years of 1996-2005. Dr.. Pass and his colleagues completed a key study by which they identified a protein called osteopontin that presents at elevated levels in patients diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. This discovery enables mesothelioma physicians to use a simple blood test to screen individuals with a history of asbestos exposure in order to help diagnose pleural mesotheliomas in earlier stages where they can be treated more successfully.

NYU Langone Medical Center / School of Medicine
530 First Avenue,
New York, NY 10016
(212) 263-7300
Website: Dr. Harvey Pass  

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland,1967-1970 , B.A.
Duke University Medical School Durham, North Carolina, 1970-1973, M.D.

1973-1974 Duke University Medical Center Straight Surgical Internship

1974-1975 Duke University Medical Cente rStraight Surgical Residency

1975-1977 United States Public Health Service Hospital Staten Island, New York Staff Surgeon

1977-1980 University of Mississippi Medical Center Senior and Chief Resident Division of Surgery

1980-1982 Medical University of South Carolina Senior Residency and Chief Resident Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Faculty Appointments:
1982-1983 Assistant Professor Medical University of South Carolina Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery Charleston, South Carolina

1983-1986 Senior Staff Fellow, Thoracic Oncology Section Surgery Branch National Cancer Institute/NIH, Bethesda

1983 - 1996 Assistant Professor of Surgery Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Bethesda, Maryland

Professional Appointments
1986 - 1996 Head, Thoracic Oncology Section and Tenured Senior Investigator Surgery Branch, National Cancer Institute Bethesda, Maryland

License and Board Certifications
1974 - National Board of Medical Examiners
1981 - American Board of Surgery
1983 - American Board of Thoracic Surgery
1992 - American Board of Thoracic Surgery (recertified)
2001 - American Board of Thoracic Surgery (recertified)

Honors and Awards
1967 - Cum Laude (High School)

1970 - Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pre Medical Society Phi Beta Kappa,Johns Hopkins University

1979 - Mississippi Regional Trauma Award, First Place Winner Annual Meeting of the Mississippi Medical Society

1980 - Conrad Jobst Award, First Place Winner, Southeast Surgical Congress"Comparison of External and Internal Cardiac Massage"

1983 - Conrad Jobst Award, Third Place Winner, Southeast Surgical Congress"Augmentation of External Cardiac Massage with the Mast Suit"

1984 - Rowe Foundation Award for outstanding article by an Institution-Based Physician in the Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association, "Radioactive Microspheres: A useful tool in the investigation of myocardial ischemia".

1989 - President's Award, Southern Thoracic Surgical Association

1991 - NIH Directors Award

1992 - Best Doctors in America (Naifeh S and Smith G, eds): Thoracic Oncologic Surgery

1992 - Best Cancer Specialists in the U.S. Good Housekeeping, October 1992

1995 - Hufnagle Award for benchwork research performed by a Georgetown General Surgery Resident

1996 - First Place: Washington Academy of Sciences Award

1999 - 318 Best Cancer Specialists for Women in the U.S. Good Housekeeping, March 1999

2000 - Presidents Award for Clinical Research, Karmanos Cancer Institute

2001 - America’s Top Doctors. Castle Connoly’s Guide

2002 - America’s Top Doctors. Castle Connoly’s Guide

Source: Extensive Publications

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