Dr. David H Harpole Jr | Durham, North Carolina

Dr. David H Harpole Jr is a Mesothelioma Cancer Doctor at Duke University Medical Center, located in Durham, North Carolina.

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Dr. David H. Harpole Jr. - Durham, North Carolina
Dr. Harpole is an Associate Professor of Surgery in the Division of Thoracic Surgery at Duke University Medical Center. He specializes in thoracic oncology, general thoracic surgery, and benign and malignant diseases of the lung, esophagus, and mediastinum.

Duke University Medical Center
2400 North Pratt Street
Room 0311 Terrace Level
Durham, North Carolina 27705
Phone: (919) 668-8413
Website: http://dukehealth1.org/surgery/div_cardio.asp

1984, MD - University of Virginia
1993, Thoracic Surgery, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
1995, Thoracic Oncology, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Clinical Interest:
Thoracic Oncology, Lung Cancer; Esophageal Cancer; Emphysema; Benign Esophageal Disease, general thoracic surgery, Diseases of the Mediastinum

Research Interest:
Molecular biology of lung cancer

Harpole DH, Amos AM, Alexander E, Loeffler J, DeCamp MM, Swanson SJ, Mentzer SJ

Skarin A, Black P, and Sugarbaker SJ: Stage of the primary is important when treating isolated brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer. J Clin Oncol Submitted 1999.

D'Amico TA, Massey MF, Herndon JE, Moore MB, and Harpole DH: A biologic risk model for Stage I lung cancer: Immunohistochemical analysis of 408 patients using 10 molecular markers. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 117:736-743, 1999.

Harpole DH, DeCamp MM, Daley J, Hur K, Oprian CA, Henderson WG, Sugarbaker DJ, Khuri SF, and the participants in the National VA Surgical Risk Study: Prognostic models of 30-day morbidity and mortality after major pulmonary resections. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg, In press, 1999.

Massey MF, Davis RD, Moore MB, Weaver CJ, D'Amico TA, Oldham HN, Smith PK, and Harpole DH: A prospective 5-year analysis of video-thoracoscopy: The Duke experience. The East and Central African Journal of Surgery, In press, 1999.

Kwiatkowski DJH, Harpole DH, Godleski J, Herndon JE, Shieh D, Richards W, Blanco R, Xu HJ, Strauss G, and Sugarbaker DJ: Molecular pathologic substaging in 244 Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer patients. Clinical implications. J Clin Oncol 16:2468-2477, 1998.

Clary B, Skaryak L, Tedder M, Hilton A, Botz G, and Harpole DH: Methemoglobinemia complicating topical anesthesia during bronchoscopic procedures. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 114:293-195,1997.

Salgia R, Skarin AT, Yang F, Goldstein ML, and Harpole DH: Carcinoid tumors of the lung. Chest Contemporary Surgery 51:135-144, 1997.

Sugarbaker DJ, Garcia JP, Harpole DH, Baldini EH, DeCamp MM, Mentzer SJ, Liptay MY, Strauss GM, and Swanson SJ: Extrapleural pneumonectomy in the multimodality therapy of malignant pleural mesothelioma: Results in 120 consecutive patients. Ann Surg 224:228-294, 1996.

Jaklitsch MT, DeCamp MM, Liptray MJ,Harpole DH, Swanson SJ, Mentzer SJ, and Sugarbaker DJ: Video-assisted throacic surgery in the elderly: a review of 307 cases. Chest 110:751-758, 1996.

Harpole DH, Gall SA, Rankin JS, and Jones RH: Effects of valve replacement on ventricular mechanics in mitral regurgitation and arotic stenosis. Ann Thorac Surg 62:756-761, 1996.

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