Asbestos Exposure Sites in Washington

Our records contain 412 asbestos lawsuit exposure sites in Washington, though there are certainly more that have not been reported.

Washington Asbestos Exposure Sites

Asbestos in Washington

For decades, Washington buildings and products have used asbestos. Because of this, many Washington residents have been exposed to asbestos and are at risk for contracting mesothelioma cancer.

The symptoms of mesothelioma often take decades to appear, so Washington workers are at risk even if they were exposed to asbestos decades ago. Examples of Washington asbestos exposure sites include:

  • Washington factories
  • Powerplants in Washington
  • Refineries or Chemical Plants in Washington

Below is a list of 412 known sites of asbestos exposure in Washington. Asbestos exposure is known to have occurred in at least 90 Washington cities, though the number is likely even higher.

The Washington city with the most asbestos exposure sites was Seattle, WA, with 155 known sites contaminated by asbestos.

Site Name City
Shell Oil Refinery Anacortes
Texaco Refinery Anacortes
Boeing Aircraft Plant Auburn
Georgia-Pacific Chemical Plant Bellingham
Sinclair-Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO)- Refinery Bellingham
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill Camas
Centralia Power Plant Centralia
Eastern Washington State University Cheney
Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) Refinery Cherry Point
Weyerhauser Pulp & Paper Mill Cosmopolis
Boeing Aircraft Assembly Plant Everett
Everett Pulp & Paper/Simpson Lee Paper Mill Everett
Kimberly-Clark Paper Mill fka Scott Paper Mill Everett
Todd Shipyard Everett
Weyerhauser Lumber Mill Everett
Weyerhauser Pupl & Paper Mill Everett
Atlantic Richfield (ARCO)/"Cherry Point" Refinery Ferndale
Mobil Oil Refinery Ferndale
Fort Lewis Army Base Fort Lewis
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Kennewick
Boise Cascade Lumber Mill Kettle Falls
Crown Zellerbach Paper Mill Longview
Longview Fiber Co. Longview
Longview Fibres Paper Mill Longview
Paper Mill ( Weyerhouser) Longview
Reynolds Metals aka ALCOA Aluminum Plant Longview
Rheinlander Paper Factory Longview
Weyerhaeuser Paper Mill Longview
Weyerhauser De-Barker Sawmill Longview
Weyerhauser Paper Mill Longview
Georgia Pacific Plywood Mill Olympia
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Pasco
Crown Zellerbach Paper Mill Port Angeles
James River Paper Mill Port Angeles
Peninsula Plywood Mill Port Angeles
Crown Zellerbach Paper Mill (now Port Townsend Paper Mill) Port Townsend
Boeing Aircraft Assembly Plant Renton
Pacific Car Plant & Foundry Renton
Bethlehem Steel Mill Seattle
Boeing Aircraft Assembly Plant 1 Seattle
Boeing Assembly Plant 2 Seattle
Eckstein School Seattle
Everett General Hospital Seattle
Hydraulic Supply Fabrication Shop Seattle
Isaacson Iron Works Seattle
Lake Union Shipyard Seattle
Lockheed Shipyard (Harbor Island) Seattle
Northwestern Glass Company Seattle
Olympia Hotel Seattle
Puget Sound Plaza Seattle
San Point Naval Station Seattle
Sand Point Naval Air Station Seattle
Todd Shipyard (Harbor Island) Seattle
Washington Athletic Club Seattle
Fairchild Air Force Base Spokane
Kaiser Aluminum Plant Spokane
Kaiser Aluminum Rolling Mill (Trentwood Works) Spokane
Spokane County Steam Plant Spokane
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Steilcom
Asarco Smelter Tacoma
Boeing Aircraft Plant Tacoma
Crown Zellerbach Paper Mill Tacoma
Hooker Chemical Plant Tacoma
Kaiser Aluminum Plant Tacoma
Simpson Kraft Paper Mill fka St. Regis fka Chamion Paper Mill Tacoma
Todd Pacific Shipyards, formerly Seattle-Tacoma (SEA-TAC) Tacoma
U. S. Oil & Refining Oil Refinery Tacoma
Weyerhauser Co. & Subsidiaries Tacoma
Weyerhauser Paper Mill Tacoma
Boeing Aircraft Plant Tukwila
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Vancouver
Clark College Vancouver
Columbia River Paper Mill Vancouver
Vancouver Hospital Vancouver
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Walla Walla
Walla Walla State Penitentiary Walla Walla
ALCOA Aluminum Plant Wenatchee
Aberdeen Plant Aberdeen
Aberdeen Schools Aberdeen
Super City Malls Aberdeen
Vista Chemical Aberdeen
Arco Refinery Anacortes
Snelson-Anvil Anacortez
Weyehaeuser Anacortez
Boeing Aircraft Auburn
Puyallup Public School Auburn
Shiffenhaus Belleville
Bellevue Public Schools Bellevue
PACCAR Building Bellevue
POOM Tank Bellevue Bellevue
Arco Refinery Bellingham
Bechtel Corp Bellingham
Shell Refinery Bellingham
Texaco Refinery Bellingham
Celanese Chemical Belvedere
Bethlehem School Dist. Bethlehem
American Bridge Boundary Dam
Puget Sound Power & Light Boundy Dam
Bremerton Naval Shipyard Bremerton
Puget Sound Engineering Bremerton
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Bremerton
USN Bremerton
Brimington Naval Shipyard Brimington
Buckley State Schools Buckley
C-Z Pulp Mill Camas
Weyehaeuser Chemical Falls
Cheney Schools Cheney
Arco Refinery Cherry Point
Chewelah High School Chewelah
Weyehaeuser Columbus
Weyehaeuser Cosmopolis
Coulee Dam Coulee City
Wabash College Crawfordsville
University HS Dishmon
Thermaline Dubuque
Standard Oil Edmonds
Satup Atomic Power Plant Elma
Pacific Gas-Electric Emeryville
Titan Missile Sites Ephrata
American Building Maintenance Everett
Babcock & Wilcox Everett
Boeing Plant Everett
Weyehaeuser Everett
Weyehaeuser Fed Way
Arco Refinery Ferndale
Mobil Oil Ferndale
Fort Lewis Fort Lewis
Boeing Plant Fredrickson
Boeing Plant Guerrett
FFTF Nuclear Hanover
Precision Piping Hoquiam
Super City Malls Huron
Atomic Energy Commission Kennewick
Boeing Plant Kent
Wards Cove Pulp Mill Ketchikan
American Lake Hospital Lakewood
Babcock & Wilcox Longview
Penn Salt Longview
Reynolds Alum Longview
Weyehaeuser Longview
Weyehaeuser Marysiville
Clover Community College Midway
Carnation Moses Lake
Chief Joseph High School Moses Lake
Weyehaeuser Myopic
Capital Building Olympia
Olympia Brewery Olympia
Olympia School District Olympia
St Regis Olympia
State Office Complex Olympia
Rogers Walla Walla Paco
St Michelle Winery Patterson
Weyehaeuser Plymouth
Port Aneces Paper Port Aneces
Dishowa Pulp Mill Port Angeles
ITT Rainer Pulp Mill Port Angeles
Paper Mill Port Angeles
Crown Zellerbach Port Angels
Peninsula College Port Angles
Olympia Oil and Wood Port of Olympia
Port Orchard HS Port Orchard
ITT Rainer Pulp Mill Port Townsend
Port Townsend Paper Port Townsend
W.A. Botting Company Portland-Seattle
W.R. Orouke Pullman
Washington State University Pullman
Weyehaeuser Pulp Hoquin
Quilcene Public School District Quilcene
Young Radiator Racine
Pop's Truck Stop Ravenna
Sorbara Automotive Ravenna
Boeing Plant Renton
Pacific Car & Foundry Renton
Renton Dry Wall Renton
Renton Schools Renton
Valley General Hosp Renton
AFC Richland Richland
Atomic Energy Richland Richland
General Electric Richland
Hanford Power Plant Richland
Richland ISD Richland
Washington Public Power Richland
W.A. Parish Power Plant Rosebud
Villa Mart Salem or Salem
Peter Kiewit & Sons-Satsop Satsop
Satsup Nuclear Satsup
111 Building Seattle
1414 Building Seattle
AJ Zinda Co. Seattle
Alaska Pipeline Seattle
Alhadeaf Residence Seattle
Allied Mech Seattle
Arco Seattle Seattle
Assoc. Shipbuilders Seattle
Ballard Hospital Seattle
Bank of California Seattle
Bell Telephone Seattle Seattle
Bethlehem Steel Seattle
Boeing Office Building-Tukwila Seattle
Boeing Plant Seattle
Boeing Plant #2 Seattle
Boise Cascade Seattle
BonMarche Seattle
Bonneville Power Plant Seattle
Botting Plumbing & Heating Seattle
Bunker Hill Mine Seattle
Caprini Hospital Seattle
Chemical Proof Seattle
Chevrolet Building Seattle
Coleman Building Seattle
Coliseum Theater Seattle
Columbia Center Seattle
Continental Can Co Seattle
Convalescent Home Seattle
Convention Center Seattle
Cranes Service, Inc. Seattle
Davenport Hotel Seattle
Deaconess Hospital Seattle
Duwamish Shipyard Seattle
Foss Maritime Shipyard Seattle
Frederick & Nelson Seattle
GMC Building Seattle
Gordon Brown Seattle
Grand Cooley Dam Seattle
Hanford Power Plant Seattle
Home Oil Company Seattle
IBM Building Seattle
ITT Rainer Pulp Mill Seattle
Kaiser Aluminum Seattle
Kaiser Shipyard Seattle
Lincoln Building Seattle
Lockheed Shipyard Seattle
Marco Shipyard Seattle
Monsanto Chemical Seattle
North Bowl Bowling Alley Seattle
Northern Life Building Seattle
Northwest Glass Seattle
Norton Building Seattle
O'Malley & Tuffey Seattle
One Union Center Seattle
Opera House Seattle
PACCAR Inc. Shipyard Seattle
Pacific Bell Building Seattle
Pacific Northwest Bell Seattle
Paulsen Building Seattle
Payne Equipment Company Seattle
Peoples Bank Seattle
Petty House Moving Seattle
PI Newspaper Seattle
Pier 9 Seattle
Pike Place Market Seattle
Play House Theater Seattle
Port Angeles Paper Mill Seattle
Providence Hospital Seattle
Puget Sound Shipyard Seattle
Puget South Bridge & Drydock Seattle
Quality Dry Wall Seattle
Queen Ann Schools Seattle
Refrigerator Engineering Co, Seattle
Rescom Corporation Seattle
Rockwood Manor Seattle
Roosevelt HS Seattle
Sacred Heart Hospital Seattle
Sea Airport Seattle
Sea First Bank Seattle
Sears Center Seattle
Sea-Tac Airport Seattle
Seattle Box Factory Seattle
Seattle Center Seattle
Seattle City Light Seattle
Seattle Colosseum Seattle
Seattle General Hosp Seattle
Seattle Public Schools Seattle
Seattle Steam Seattle
Seattle Steel Seattle
Seattle Times Building Seattle
Seattle Trust Seattle
Sequim Pulp Mill Seattle
Shell Oil Seattle
Shell Plant Seattle
Shell Steam Seattle
Shelton Prison Seattle
Space Needle Seattle
Spokane County Museum Seattle
Spokane International Airport Seattle
Spokane School District Seattle
St Elizabeth Hospital Seattle
St Luke's Hospital Seattle
St Mary's Hospital Seattle
St Vincent Nursing Home Seattle
Steve Pinto & Sons Seattle
Swedish Hospital Seattle
Tacoma Shipyard Seattle
Texaco Refinery Seattle
Third Power Plant At Coulie Dam Seattle
Todd Drydocks Seattle
Todd Shipyard Seattle
Union Iron works Seattle
United Airlines building Seattle
University Hospital Seattle
University of WA Bagley Hall Seattle
University of WA Communications Bldg Seattle
University of WA Health Sciences Seattle
University of WA Teachers Hospital Seattle
University of Washington Seattle
University of Washington , Biology Building Seattle
University of Washington Hospital Seattle
University Plumbing & Heating Seattle
URM Warehouse Seattle
US Oil & Refinery Seattle
VAMC Seattle
WA Water Power Dam Seattle
Washington National Guard Seattle
Washington Natural Gas Seattle
Washington Plaza Hotel Seattle
Washington Rehab Center Seattle
Washington State Ferry Terminal Seattle
Washington Water Power Dam Seattle
WE Stone & Co Seattle
West Coast Seattle
Westin Hotel Seattle
Weyehaeuser Seattle
WhiteHarnz Stewart Building Seattle
Wright Runstad Seattle
Wright Schucart-Harbor Seattle
Weyehaeuser Springfield
Boise Cascade Stilcom
Acology Oil Tacoma
AKWA Tacoma Shipyard Tacoma
Alaska Oil Modules Tacoma
Alaska Sheds Tacoma
American Bridge Tacoma
Ammonia Tacoma Tacoma
Arco Refinery Tacoma
Asarco Tacoma
Atlas Foundry Tacoma
Boeing Tacoma Tacoma
Boise Cascade Tacoma
Certaineteed Tacoma Tacoma
Commissary Ft. Lewis Tacoma
Coolney Cranes Tacoma
Crown Zellerbach Tacoma Tacoma
Cummings Boat Tacoma
Good will Industries Tacoma
Hooker Chemical Tacoma
ITT Rainer Pulp Mill Tacoma
Kaiser Aluminum Tacoma
McCord AFB Tacoma
Nalleys Pickle Tacoma
Occidental Chemical Tacoma
Ohio Ferro Tacoma
Pacific Boat Shipyard Tacoma
Pacific Lutheran University Tacoma
Pacific Marine Tacoma
Peirce County Building Tacoma
Penn Salt Tacoma
Penwalt Chem Tacoma
Peterson's Boat Tacoma
Philpher Brewery Tacoma
Pier 7 Tacoma
Port of Tacoma Tacoma
Puget Sound Hospital Tacoma
Richter Chemical Tacoma
Roundhound Railroad Yard Tacoma
rust Building Tacoma
Sears Department Store Tacoma
Sea-Tac shipyard- Seattle Tacoma
Seattle Tacoma Shipbuilding Tacoma
Shoenfelds Furniture Tacoma
Simpson Kraft Plywood Tacoma
Simpson Paper Tacoma
Simpson Tacoma Kraft Tacoma
Smelter Tacoma
Sound Oil Tacoma
St Regis Tacoma
Sumner Crane Rentals Tacoma
Tacoma Boat Tacoma
Tacoma Boat Shipyard Tacoma
Tacoma Boatbuilding Tacoma
Tacoma General Hosp Tacoma
Tacoma Mall Tacoma
Tacoma News Tacoma
Tacoma Public School Tacoma
Tacoma School District Tacoma
Tacoma Smelter Tacoma
Tacoma Steam Plant Tacoma
Tide Bay Tacoma
Todd Shipyard Tacoma
Unimet Boat Tacoma
Ups College Tacoma
US Oil Tacoma
US Oil & Refining Tacoma
VAMC Tacoma
West Tacoma Newsprint Tacoma
Western State Hosp Tacoma
Western Walamet Tacoma
Western Welding Tacoma
Weyehaeuser Tacoma
VAMC Temple
Crown Zellerbach Paper Port Townsend
Seattle Trust Tumwater
Kaiser Shipyard Vancouver
Boise Cascade Walla Walla
St Mary Hospital Walla Walla
Babcock & Wilcox Wallula
Steel Plant Warkom
Walla Walla college Washington
Wallahula School District Washington
Alcoa Plant Wenatchee
Rock Island Dam Wenatchee
Rocky Research Dam Wenatchee
Commercial Ship Repair Winslow

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