Asbestos Exposure Sites in Texas

Our records contain 2604 asbestos lawsuit exposure sites in Texas, though there are certainly more that have not been reported.

Texas Asbestos Exposure Sites

Asbestos in Texas

For decades, Texas buildings and products have used asbestos. Because of this, many Texas residents have been exposed to asbestos and are at risk for contracting mesothelioma cancer.

The symptoms of mesothelioma often take decades to appear, so Texas workers are at risk even if they were exposed to asbestos decades ago. Examples of Texas asbestos exposure sites include:

  • Texas factories
  • Powerplants in Texas
  • Refineries or Chemical Plants in Texas

Below is a list of 2604 known sites of asbestos exposure in Texas. Asbestos exposure is known to have occurred in at least 368 Texas cities, though the number is likely even higher.

The Texas city with the most asbestos exposure sites was Houston, TX, with 429 known sites contaminated by asbestos.

Site Name City
3rd Surface To Air Missile (Sam) Support Detachment Abilene
Abilene State School Abilene
Atlas Missile Site Abilene
City Of Abilene Power Plant Abilene
County Power Plant Abilene
Crown Cork & Seal Plant Abilene
Eilene’s Clothing Plant Abilene
Hendricks Hospital Abilene
Pride Refinery Abilene
West Texas Utility Power Plant Abilene
Alvin High School Alvin
Alvin Independent School District Alvin
British Petroleum (BP) "Chocolate Bayou" Ethylene Plant Alvin
Dupont Chemical Plant Alvin
Monsanto Chemical Plant Alvin
Phillips Gas Plant Alvin
Amarillo Country Club Amarillo
Amarillo Junior College Amarillo
Amarillo Power Plant Amarillo
Amarillo Refinery Amarillo
Asarco Copper & Metals Refinery Amarillo
Fannin Junior High School Amarillo
Fannin School Amarillo
Feed Mill Amarillo
Glover Meat Packing Plant Amarillo
High Plains Baptist Hospital Amarillo
Levi Strauss Amarillo
Nichols Power Plant Amarillo
Northwest Texas Hospital Amarillo
Owens-Corning Plant Amarillo
Pioneer Gas Building Amarillo
Sears Roebuck Amarillo
Southwestern Portland Cement Plant Amarillo
Southwestern Public Service (S.P.S) "Harrington" Steam Plant Amarillo
Southwestern Public Service (S.P.S.) "Love" Steam Plant Amarillo
Southwestern Public Service Building Amarillo
Amoco Andrews
Midland Farms Gasoline Plant Andrews
American Oil Company (Amoco) Angleton
Angleton High School Angleton
Ashland Chemical Plant Aransas
Humble-Exxon Tank Farm Aransas Pass
Arlington Memorial Hospital Arlington
Frito Lay Plant Arlington
General Dynamics Arlington
General Motors Plant Arlington
Gmc Paint Plant Arlington
Six Flags Over Texas Arlington
Texas Electric Power Plant Arlington
Village Creek Sewer Plant Arlington
3M Austin
Abbott Laboratory Austin
Advance Microdevices Austin
American Founders Life Insurance Austin
American Stateman Building Austin
American Statesman Newspaper Austin
Anderson High School Austin
Austin Diagnostic Clinic Austin
Austin Independent School District Austin
Austin State Hospital Austin
Austin State School Austin
Baker School Austin
Becker School Austin
Bergstrom Air Force Base Austin
Bergstrom Air Force Base Barricks Austin
Bergstrom Air Force Base Hospital Austin
Brackenridge Hospital Addition Austin
Breckenridge Hospital Austin
Brentwood School Austin
Brooks Elementary School Austin
City Of Austin Austin
City Of Austin Auditorium Austin
City Of Austin Power Plant 1 Austin
City Of Austin Welfare Office Austin
City Sewer Plant Austin
City Water Filter Plant Austin
Decker Creek Power Plant Austin
Decker Powerhouse Austin
Del Valle Elementary School Austin
Department Of Public Safety Headquarters Austin
Dobie Mall Austin
Driskill Hotel Austin
Driskill Hotel Construction Austin
Furniture Factory Austin
Holly Street Power Plant Austin
Holly Street Powerhouse Austin
Houston-Tilletson College Austin
Huston-Tillotson College Austin
Hyde Park Baptist Church Austin
IBM Austin
Jefferson Chemical Plant Austin
Lamar Junior High School Austin
Lockheed Austin
Lucy Reed Elementary School Austin
Motorola Plant Austin
Mutual Savings Austin
North Cross Mall Austin
O’Henry Junior High School Austin
Pearce Junior High School Austin
Porter Junior High School Austin
Ridgetop School Austin
Rosewood School Austin
Safeway Store Austin
Sanchez Elementary School Austin
Scottish Rite Dormitory Austin
Seaholm Power Plant Austin
Sears, Roebuck Austin
Seton Hospital Austin
Sims School Austin
St. David’s Hospital Austin
St. Edwards University Austin
St. Stephen’s School Austin
State Farm Office Building Austin
State Finance Building Austin
State Hospital Austin
State Hospital For The Mentally ILL Austin
State Mental Hospital Austin
Steck Printing Plant Austin
Superior Dairies Austin
Teachers Retirement Building Austin
Texas Department Of Public Safety Austin
Texas Highway Department Austin
Texas Parks & Wildlife Building Austin
Texas State Health Department Austin
Texas State Hospital Austin
Texas State School For The Blind Austin
Texas State School For The Mentally Retarded Austin
Travis Heights Elementary School Austin
Travis High School Austin
Travis State School Austin
University Of Texas Austin
University Of Texas - Alpha Chi Dormitory Austin
University Of Texas - Communcations Building Austin
University Of Texas - Engineering Building Austin
University Of Texas - Ex-Student Association Building Austin
University Of Texas - Geology Building Austin
University Of Texas - Housing Austin
University Of Texas - Humanities Building Austin
University Of Texas - Library Austin
University Of Texas - Men’s Dormitories Austin
University Of Texas - Physics Library Austin
University Of Texas - Students Co-Op Building Austin
University Of Texas - Women’s Dormitories Austin
University Of Texas (Science Building; Littlefield Building) Austin
University Of Texas Chemistry Building Austin
University Of Texas Dormitory Austin
University Of Texas Hall Dormitory Austin
University Of Texas School Of Law Austin
YMCA Austin
Avinger Powerhouse Avinger
Southwest Electric Power Plant - Texas Electrical Power Plant Avinger
Wilkes Power Plant Avinger
Eagle Mountain Lake Power Plant Azle
Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) "Sam Gideon" Steam Plant Bastrop
Sim Gideon Power Plant Bastrop
Formosa Plastics Plant Baton Rouge
Celanese Chemical Plant Bay City
Coastal States Gas Plant Bay City
Exxon Oil Refinery Bay City
South Texas Nuclear Power Plant Bay City
Baycliff Steam Plant Baycliff
American Hurst Corporation Bayport
Big Three Industries aka Airliquide Gas Plant Bayport
Celanese Chemical Plant Bayport
Cosden-Fina Oil Refinery Bayport
FMC Chemical Plant Bayport
LCI Chemical Plant Bayport
Air Products aka Mobay/Bayer Chemical Plant Baytown
American Oil Company Chemical Plant (Amoco) Baytown
ARCO Oil Refinery Baytown
Ashland Oil & Chemical Plant Baytown
Babcock Borsig Power Inc. Baytown
Cedar Bayou Steam Plant Baytown
Chemical Exchange Plant Baytown
Chevron Oil Refinery Baytown
Chevron Phillips "Cedar Bayou" Ethylene Products Plant Baytown
Dow Chemical Plant Baytown
Exxon Chemical Plant Baytown
Exxon Co. Office Building Baytown
Exxon Docks Baytown
Exxon Service Station Baytown
Exxon Tank Farm Baytown
Exxonmobil Refinery Baytown
Exxonmobil Research & Development Operations Baytown
Gulf Refinery Baytown
H.B. Huber Carbon Black Plant Baytown
Houston Lighting & Power (HL&P) "Cedar Bayou" Power Plant Baytown
Houston Power & Light Power Plant Baytown
J.E. Hubert-Aber-Carbon Black Plant Baytown
Lubrizol Chemical Plant Baytown
Mobil Oil Baytown
San Jacinto Hospital Baytown
Sears Roebuck Baytown
Stauffer Chemical Plant Baytown
Sterling High School Baytown
U.S. Rubber Plant Baytown
U.S. Steel Mill Baytown
U.S. Texas Work Baytown
United Rubber Baytown
Warren Gas Plant Baytown
Baptist Hospital Beaumont
Baptist Hospital Southeast Beaumont
Beaumont Iron & Metal Scrap Yard Beaumont
Beaumont Iron Works Beaumont
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Beaumont
Betz Chemical Plant Beaumont
Borden Milk Products Plant Beaumont
Continental Can Beaumont
Diamond Shamrock-Occidental Alkalai Chemical Plant Beaumont
Dupont Chemical Plant Beaumont
Edson Hotel Beaumont
Fina Chemical Plant Beaumont
First Christian Church Beaumont
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Synthetic Rubber Plant Beaumont
Gulf States Utilities Beaumont
Houston Chemical Beaumont
Lamar University Beaumont
Magnolia-Socony-Mobil-British Petroleum (BP) Oil Refinery And Chemical Plant Beaumont
Mobil aka Exxon Mobil Refinery Beaumont
Mobil Paint Coatings Plant Beaumont
Mobile / Exxon Mobile Chemical Plant Beaumont
Mobile Oil Tank Farm Beaumont
Olin Matheson Chemical Plant Beaumont
Pennsylvania Shipyards Beaumont
Petro Chemical Plant Beaumont
San Jacinto Building Beaumont
Sears Roebuck Automotive Center Beaumont
St. Elizabeth Hospital Beaumont
Texaco Oil Refinery Beaumont
Texas Gulf Sulphur Plant Beaumont
Texas Metal Works Beaumont
U.S Steel Mill Beaumont
Zummo Slaughterhouse Beaumont
Chase Field Naval Base Beeville
Texaco Lab Bellaire
Belton Power Plant Belton
Cities Service Oil And Gas Plant (Westworld Plant) Big Lake
Northern Natural Gas Plant Big Lake
Big Spring Refinery Big Spring
Fina Oil Refinery A/K/A Cosden Refinery Big Spring
Malone Hogan Clinic & Hospital Big Spring
Veterans’ Administration Hospital Big Spring
Fina Chemical Plant Big Springs
Celanese Chemical Plant Bishop
Celanese Chemical Plant Office Buildings Bishop
Champlin Oil Refinery Bishop
Oak Creek Lake Powerhouse Blackwell
West Texas Utilities Power Plant Blackwell
General Wire & Cable Plant Bonham
Booker Meat Packing Plant Booker
Amarillo College Borger
B.C. Fertilizer Plant Borger
Chevron Phillips Chemical Plant Borger
Cominco-Agrium Fertilizer-Chemical Plant Borger
Phillips 66 Chemical Plant Borger
Phillips 66 Oil Refinery Borger
Phillips Aviation Gas Plant Borger
Phillips Booster Plant Borger
Phillips Butadiene Plant Borger
Phillips Copolymer Plant aka Phillips Rubber Plant Borger
Phillips Gas "Rock Creek" Plant Borger
Phillips Oil Refinery Borger
Phillips Petroleum - Alamo Refinery Research Plant Borger
Phillips Petroleum - Rice Plant Borger
Phillips Petroleum Helium Plant Borger
Phillips Petroleum Plant Borger
Phillips Pipe Yard Borger
Phillips Research Plant Borger
Riverview Powerhouse Borger
Sid Richards Carbon Black Plant Borger
Brady Powerhouse Brady
Jefferson Lake Sulphur Company Brazoria
Shell Gas Plant Brians Mill
Shell Oil Refinery Brians Mill
Gulf States Utilities Bridge City
Sabine Power Plant Bridge City
Brookshire High School Brookshire
Brownsville Power & Light Brownsville
Carthage Hydrocol Plant Brownsville
City Of Brownsville Brownsville
Norton Company Brownsville
Port Of Brownsville Brownsville
Union Carbide Plant Brownsville
3M Plant Brownwood
Brownwood Hospital Brownwood
Atrofina Chemicals Bryan
Bryan High School Bryan
Bryan Power Plant Bryan
Shell Oil Refinery Bryans Mill
Sheppard Memorial Hospital Burnet
Phillips Chemical Plant Cactus
Champion International - International Paper Camden
W.T. Carter & Brothers Lumber Co. Camden
West Texas State University Canyon
Crown Central Petroleum Refinery Carlos
City Of Carrollton Carrollton
International Paper Mill Carrollton
Champlin-Citgo Gas And Oil Refinery Carthage
United Gas Carthage
Southwestern Electric Power Plant (SWEPCO) - Welsh Power Plant Cason
Gulf Refinery Cedar Bayou
American Oil Co. (Amoco) Oil Refinery Channelview
Armco Steel Mill Channelview
Channelview Power Plant Channelview
Delta Engineering Yard Channelview
Dow Chemical Plant Channelview
Lyondell "Channelview Complex" Chemical Intermediates Plant Channelview
San Jacinto Ordinance Depot Channelview
Sinclair Petrochemicals Channelview
Southern Petrochemicals Plant Channelview
T.E. Mercer Trucking Channelview
Texas Butane & Chemical Channelview
Thermal Equipment Fabricating Co. Channelview
Thermal Equipment Shop Channelview
Amoco Chemical Plant Chocolate Bayou
Amoco Refinery Chocolate Bayou
Exxon Oil Refinery Chocolate Bayou
Monsanto aka Solutia Chemical Plant Chocolate Bayou
Phillips 66 Oil Refinery Chocolate Bayou
San Miguel Power Plant Christine
Clear Creek Independent School District Clear Creek
NASA - Johnson Space Center, Space Center Houston Clear Lake
National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) Complex - International Business Machines (IBM) Plant Clear Lake
University Of Houston Clear Lake
Walls Hospital Cleburne
Texas A&M Power Station College Station
Col Tex Refinery Colorado City
Exxon/Humble Gas Plant & Tank Farm Colorado City
Morgan Creek Powerhouse Colorado City
Texas Electric Power Plant Colorado City
Texas A & M University At Commerce Commerce
Air Products Plant Conroe
Columbian Carbon Plant Conroe
Humble aka Exxon Gas Plant Conroe
Jefferson-Texaco Chemical Plant Conroe
Superior Oil Co. Oil Rigs Conroe
City Of Garland Copeville
North Lake Power Plant Coppell
Amerada Hess Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
American Bank Building Corpus Christi
American Chrome Metals Plant Corpus Christi
American Smeltry Corpus Christi
Asarco Zinc Refinery - Ecycle Texas Hydrometallurgical Processing Plant Corpus Christi
Barney Davis Power Plant Corpus Christi
Berry Contracting Office Building Corpus Christi
Berry Contracting Shop Corpus Christi
Berry Fabrication Shop Corpus Christi
Borden Company Corpus Christi
Celanese Clarkwood Technical Center Corpus Christi
Celanese Corp. Building Corpus Christi
Celanese Plant Corpus Christi
Central Power & Light (CP&L) "Nueces Bay" Power Plant Corpus Christi
Central Power & Light (CP&L) "Padre Island" Power Plant Corpus Christi
Central Power & Light (CP&L) Building Corpus Christi
Central Power & Light (CP&L) Power Plant Corpus Christi
Champion Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
Champlain Refinery Corpus Christi
Champlin Docks Corpus Christi
Champlin Gasoline Storage Facility Corpus Christi
Champlin Petroleum Company Corpus Christi
Chapman Refinery Corpus Christi
Citgo Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
Coastal Iron Works Fabrication Shop Corpus Christi
Coastal Iron Works Shipyard Corpus Christi
Coastal Javelina Gas Processing Plant Corpus Christi
Columbia Southern Chemical Plant Corpus Christi
Corn Products Refining Plant Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Army Depot Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Gas Plant Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Petrochemical Plant Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Pipeline Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Power & Light Plant Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Refining Company Corpus Christi
Diamond Shamrock Corpus Christi
Doctors Hospital Corpus Christi
Driscoll Children S Hospital Corpus Christi
Exxon Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
First Commerce Bank Corpus Christi
Flint Hill Resources Corpus Christi
Flint Hills Refining West - Koch - Suntide Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
Flour Bluff Gas Plant (Humble) Corpus Christi
Flower Bluff Naval Air Station Corpus Christi
Gilman Fabrication Shop Corpus Christi
Great Southern Refinery Corpus Christi
Gulf Compress Corpus Christi
Holiday Inn Corpus Christi
Holiday Inn - Shoreline Corpus Christi
Javelina Refinery Corpus Christi
Koch Oil Corpus Christi
Koch Refinery Corpus Christi
Lyondell Steam Cracking Plant - Corpus Christi Petrochemical Corpus Christi
Memorial Medical Center Corpus Christi
Naval Air Station (NAS) Corpus Christi
Navigation Power Plant Corpus Christi
Padre Staples Mall Corpus Christi
Pittsburgh Plant & Iron (PPI) Corpus Christi
Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Chemical Plant Corpus Christi
Pontiac/Suntide Refinery Corpus Christi
Port Of Corpus Christi Corpus Christi
Reynolds Aluminum Plant Corpus Christi
Saber Refinery Corpus Christi
Southern Alkali Corpus Christi
Southern Minerals Refinery Corpus Christi
Southwestern Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi
Sun Oil (Sunoco) Refinery Corpus Christi
Tex-Mex Railroad Corpus Christi
Turning Basin Powerhouse Corpus Christi
U.S. Naval Base Corpus Christi
Valero East Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
Valero Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
Champion Particle Board Plant Corrigan
Georgia Pacific Corrigan
Corsicana State Home Orphanage Corsicana
Navarro Regional Hospital Corsicana
Gulf-Warren Petroleum Plant Crane
Phillips 66 Refinery Crane
Phillips Gas Plant Crane
Georgia Pacific Crosby
Del Monte Food Cannery Crystal City
Lone Star Steel Company Daingerfield
Tiger/Atlas Roofing Co. Daingerfield
1st National Bank Building Dallas
A.F. Holman Boiler Company Dallas
Apparel Market Dallas
Apparel Mart Dallas
Armstrong Cork Company Dallas
Atlantic Refinery Building Dallas
Babcock & Wilcox Building Dallas
Bayles Elementary School Dallas
Bayles High School Dallas
Baylor Dental Clinic Dallas
Baylor Hospital Power Plant Dallas
Baylor School Of Dentistry Dallas
Baylor University Hospital Dallas
Bishop College Dallas
Chance Vought Plant Dallas
Charlton Methodist Hospital Dallas
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Dallas
Coca-Cola Building Dallas
Collins Radio Dallas
Comacho Cardboard Box Plant Dallas
Dallas Area Rapid Transit (Dart) Building Dallas
Dallas Athletic Building Dallas
Dallas Baptist University Dallas
Dallas Convention Center Dallas
Dallas Linen Service Dallas
Dallas Medical & Surgical Building Dallas
Dallas National Bank Dallas
Dallas Osteopathic Hospital Dallas
Dallas Power & Light Warehouse Building Dallas
Dallas Times Herald Building Dallas
Dallas Transit System Dallas
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Dallas
Delta Steel Welding & Fabrication Shop Dallas
DFW Airport Fire Station (s) Dallas
DFW Airport Security Buildings Dallas
DFW Dobbs House Dallas
DFW International Airport - American Airlines Maintenance Hangar Dallas
DFW International Airport - Control Tower Dallas
DFW International Airport - Delta Airlines Dallas
DFW International Airport - Power Plants Dallas
DFW International Airport - Sky Chef Dallas
DFW International Airport - Terminals Dallas
DFW International Airport - Tunnels Dallas
Diamond Alkalai Chemical Plant Dallas
Diamond Shamrock Building Dallas
Disd Administration Building Dallas
Doctor’s Hospital Dallas
Eastman Kodak Chemical Plant Dallas
El Centro College Dallas
Exchange Park Office Building Dallas
Exchange Park Power Plant Dallas
Exchange Park Shopping Center Dallas
Fair Park Music Hall Dallas
Fairmont Hotel Dallas
Federal Reserve Bank Dallas
First International Bank Dallas
First International Bank Building Dallas
First National Bank Dallas
Frito-Lay Plant Dallas
General Dynamics Dallas
General Motors Distribution Plant Dallas
Inland Container Dallas
J. W. Starks School Dallas
JC Penney Regional Office Dallas
Jcpenney - Big Town Mall Dallas
Jesuit High School Dallas
Jones Blair Paint Dallas
Lew Sterrett Jail Dallas
Lone Star Gas Plant Dallas
Lone Star Gas Substation Dallas
Love Field Air Force Base Dallas
Love Field Airport Dallas
Love Field Naval Base Dallas
Love Field Powerhouse Dallas
Love Field Terminal Dallas
LTV Building Dallas
LTV Building (Fidelity Union Life) Dallas
LTV Plant Dallas
LTV Research Building Dallas
Majestic Theater Dallas
Marriott Hotel Dallas
Mary Kay Cosmetics Plant Dallas
Medical City Hospital Dallas
Mercantile Bank Building Dallas
Mercantile National Bank Dallas
Methodist Hospital Dallas
Miller Brewery Dallas
Morton Food Plant Dallas
Mountainview Community College Dallas
Mt. Creek Power Plant Dallas
Neiman Marcus Dallas
Neuhauf Packing Plant Dallas
Neuhoff Meat Packing Plant Dallas
North American Aviation Dallas
North Lake Steam Electric Station Dallas
OI Corrugated Box Plant Dallas
One Energy Square Dallas
Park Dale Power Plant Dallas
Parkdale Powerhouse Dallas
Parkland Hospital Power Plant Dallas
Preston State Bank Dallas
Proctor & Gamble Plant Dallas
Quadrangle Center Dallas
Quaker Oats Plant Dallas
Republic National Bank Dallas
RHD Hospital aka Dedman Hospital Dallas
Richland College Dallas
Rock-Tenn Paper Plant Dallas
Salvation Army Dallas
Schepp’s Dairy Dallas
Sears, Roebuck Dallas
Sears, Roebuck Building Dallas
Sears, Roebuck Warehouse Dallas
Shamrock Oil & Gas Company Dallas
Sheraton Hotel Dallas
Skyline High School Dallas
Southern Methodist University - Bob Hope Theater Dallas
Southern Methodist University - Church Dallas
Southern Methodist University - Dormitories Dallas
Southern Methodist University - Library Dallas
Southern Methodist University (SMU) Dallas
Southern Methodist University Engineering Building Dallas
Southwestern Bell - Lake Highlands Dallas
Southwestern Bell - Main Building Dallas
Southwestern Bell Telephone Building Dallas
Southwestern Life Insurance Building Dallas
Southwestern Medical Center Dallas
Southwestern Medical School Dallas
Southwestern Telephone Building Dallas
St. Marks School Dallas
St. Paul Hospital Dallas
Standard Brands Food Plant Dallas
Sweetheart Corporation Dallas
Tarleton State College Dallas
Texas Industries Dallas
Texas Power & Light Dallas
Tom Thumb Cold Storage Facility (fka Safeway) Dallas
Uniform Plant Dallas
Veterans’ Administration Hospital Dallas
Wyatt Industries Dallas
Wyatt Metal & Boiler Works Dallas
Wyatt’s Cafeteria Dallas
YMCA Dallas
Zales Building Dallas
Zoecon Dog Collar Plant Dallas
Industrial Linen Service Dallas/Fort Worth
Industrial Uniform Towel Dallas/Fort Worth
Parker Fallis Insulation Dallas/Fort Worth
Humble Oil Refinery Danciger
Lonestar Steel Dangerfield
Welch Power Plant Dangerfield
Busby Office Building Dayton
Shell Refinery Dear Park
Air Products Deer Park
Baker Tool Deer Park
Battle Ground Plant Deer Park
Celanese Chemical Plant Deer Park
Deer Park High School Deer Park
Diamond Alkali Chemical Plant Deer Park
Diamond Chemical Deer Park
Diamond Inc. Fabrication Shop Deer Park
Diamond Shamrock "Big Diamond" aka Oxyvinyls Chemical Plant Deer Park
Dupont Chemical Plant Deer Park
Equistar "Laporte Complex" Ethylene & Ethylene Derivatives Plant Deer Park
Ethyl Corp. Plant Deer Park
Exxon Chemical Plant Deer Park
Houston Lighting & Power (Hl&P) "Sam Bertron" Power Plant Deer Park
Linde Air Products Chemical Plant Deer Park
Lubrizol Chemical Plant Deer Park
M.W. Kellogg Co. Deer Park
National Petrochemical-U.S. Industries (USI)-Millennium-Quanum Chemical Plant Deer Park
Occidental Chemical Plant Deer Park
Pak Tank Deer Park
Phillips Petroleum Plant Deer Park
Rohm & Haas "Houston Plant" Chemical Plant Deer Park
Rohm & Haas "Lone Star" Chemical Intermediates Plant Deer Park
Shell Chemical Plant Deer Park
Shell Oil Refinery Deer Park
Sol Tex Deer Park
Tenneco Chemical Plant Deer Park
Texas Alkyls Deer Park
U.S. Industrial Chemical Deerpark
Del Rio Air Base Del Rio
Laughlin Air Force Base Del Rio
Valverde County Hospital Del Rio
Conway Oil Company Denison
Mrs. Tuckers Shortening Denison
Texoma Medical Center Denison
Vegetable Oil Refinery Denison
Denton Power Plant Denton
First Baptist Church Denton
Southwestern Public Service Power Plant Denver City
Borden Chemical Plant Diboll
Southern Pine aka Temple Lumber Company Diboll
Temple Industries Lumber Mill aka Plywood Plant Diboll
Temple Industries Particle Board Plant Diboll
Temple Industries Saw Mill Diboll
Temple-Inland Fibreboard Plant Diboll
Temple-Inland Paper Mill Diboll
Temple-Inland Plywood/Particleboard Plant Diboll
Temple-Inland Saw Mill Diboll
Houston Lighting & Power (Hl&P) "P.H. Robinson" Power Plant Dickinson
P.H. Robinson Steam Plant Dickinson
Penrico Chemical Plant Dickinson
Humble/Exxon Dilly
Corn Sugar Refinery Dimmitt
Dimmitt Wheat Growers Corn Starch Plant Dimmitt
Shell Oil Refinery Douglasville
Phillips Amonia Plant Duma
Dumas Gasoline Plant Dumas
Phillips Helium/Gas Plant Dumas
Southwestern Public Service Company Dumas
Exxon Plant Duvall
Brooks Air Force Base Eagle Pass
Southwestern Public Service Power Plant Earth
American Oil Company (Amoco) Edgewood
Edgewood Elementary School Edgewood
Pan American Oil Refinery Edgewood
El Campo Aluminum Plant El Campo
May Aluminum Plant El Campo
Asarco Copper Refinery El Paso
Asarco Copper Smelter El Paso
Asarco Oil Refinery El Paso
Austin High School El Paso
Bowie High School El Paso
Chevron Oil Refinery El Paso
Chevron Service Station El Paso
Edgemere School El Paso
El Paso Airport El Paso
El Paso Bank Building El Paso
El Paso Civic Center El Paso
El Paso Community College El Paso
El Paso Electric Co. El Paso
El Paso Electric Stations El Paso
El Paso Electrical Power Plant El Paso
El Paso Federal Courthouse El Paso
El Paso International Airport El Paso
El Paso National Bank El Paso
El Paso Tech El Paso
El Paso Technical High School El Paso
El Paso Technical School El Paso
Featherlite Plant El Paso
Fort Bliss Army Base El Paso
Hotel Dieu Hospital El Paso
J. C. Penney Store El Paso
Levi Strauss Plant El Paso
Lydia Patterson High School El Paso
Newman Power Plant El Paso
Newman Pump Station El Paso
North El Paso Power Plant El Paso
Paso Del Norte Hotel El Paso
Peyton Meat Packing Plant El Paso
Phelps Dodge Copper Refinery El Paso
Phillips Dodge Oil Refinery El Paso
Sears, Roebuck Building El Paso
Sierra Hospital El Paso
Standard Oil Gas Refinery El Paso
Standard Oil Gas Station El Paso
Standard Oil Refinery El Paso
State National Bank El Paso
Sun Towers Hospital El Paso
Swift Packing El Paso
Texaco Oil Refinery El Paso
Texas Commerce Bank El Paso
Thomas Jefferson High School El Paso
Thomason General Hospital El Paso
University Of Texas At El Paso El Paso
William Beaumont Army Hospital El Paso
Wyler Industrial Works Furnace Fabrication Shop El Paso
Wyler Industrial Works Plant El Paso
Ysleta Elementary School El Paso
Ysleta High School El Paso
Elgin Standard Brick Factory Elgin
Phillips Pump Station Etter
Phillips Refinery Etter
Northeast Community Hospital/Harris Hospital Euless
Champion Paper Mill Evadale
East Texas Pulp & Paper Mill aka Evadale Paper Mill Evadale
Temple-Eastex Pulpwood & Paper Mill Evadale
Temple-Inland aka Eastex Paper Mill Evadale
Fairfield Power Plant Fairfield
T.U. Electric Fairfield
Texas Utilities Power Plant Fairfield
TXU Power Plant Fairfield
Exxon La Gloria Refinery Falfurrias
Falfurrias High School Falfurrias
Humble Gas Plant Falfurrias
La Gloria Oil Refinery and Gas Plant Falfurrias
Central Power & Light Power Plant Fannin
Floresville Hospital Floresville
Barney- Davis Power Plant Flower Bluff
Houston Lighting & Power (Hl&P) Steam Plant Fort Bend
Fort Hood Fort Hood
Northern Natural Gas Plant Fort Stockton
All Saints Episcopal Hospital Fort Worth
American Airlines Corporation Headquarters Fort Worth
American Airlines Training Center Fort Worth
American Asphalt-Johns Manville Plant Fort Worth
American Cyanamid Chemical Plant Fort Worth
ARA Manufacturing Plant Fort Worth
Armour Meat Packing Plant Fort Worth
Bell Helicopter/Textron Fort Worth
Bomber Plant Building Fort Worth
Bunge Oil Refinery Fort Worth
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Fort Worth
Carswell Air Force Base Fort Worth
Carswell Air Force Base Hospital Fort Worth
Chicago Pneumatic Company Fort Worth
Colonial Country Club Fort Worth
Consolidated Aircraft Plant Fort Worth
Cook Children’s Medical Center Fort Worth
Dannon Yogurt Plant Fort Worth
Eagle Mountain Lake Powerhouse Fort Worth
Estes Packing Plant Fort Worth
Fort Worth Courthouse Fort Worth
Fort Worth Poultry & Eggs Fort Worth
General Dynamics Plant Fort Worth
General Motors Corporation Auto Parts Warehouse Fort Worth
General Motors Plant Fort Worth
GSA Building (s) Fort Worth
Handley Power Plant Fort Worth
Hanley Power Plant Fort Worth
Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth
Kimball Art Museum Fort Worth
Lockheed Martin Plant Fort Worth
Lone Star Gas Company Fort Worth
Miller Brewery Fort Worth
Mrs. Baird’s Bakery Fort Worth
National Linen Plant Fort Worth
Neiman Marcus Fort Worth
Premier Oil Refinery Fort Worth
Purina Pet Food Plant Fort Worth
Rock Island Railroad Fort Worth
Sears, Roebuck Fort Worth
Shady Oaks Country Club Fort Worth
Southwestern Bell Telephone Building Fort Worth
Stauffer Chemical Plant Fort Worth
Swift Packing Plant Fort Worth
Tarrant County Courthouse Fort Worth
Texas Christian University (TCU) Fort Worth
Texas Commerce Bank Fort Worth
Texas Electric Service - Eagle Mountain Lake Fort Worth
Texas Power & Light Fort Worth
Texas Steel Manufacturing Plant Fort Worth
Texas Utilities (TXU) Eagle Mountain Plant Fort Worth
Texas Utilities (TXU) General Office Fort Worth
Water Tank (Eagle Mountain Lake) Fort Worth
Will Rogers Coliseum Fort Worth
Basf Corporation Freeport
Basic Chemical Plant Freeport
Celanese Chemical Plant Freeport
Chemstrand-Monsanto-Shintek Chemical Plant Freeport
Chintex Chemical Plant Freeport
Dow Chemical Docks Freeport
Dow Chemical Plant Freeport
Dow Chemical Plant "Oyster Creek Division" Freeport
Dow Chemical Plant A Freeport
Dow Chemical Plant A B C Freeport
Dow Chemical Plant B Freeport
Dow Chemical Plants A And B Freeport
Dow-Badische-Basf Chemical Plant Freeport
Dupont Chemical Plant Freeport
Freeport Sulphur Plant Freeport
Houston Lighting and Power (HL&P) Headquarters Freeport
Missouri Pacific Railroad Freeport
Nalco Chemical Plant Freeport
Rhone Poulenc "Brazosport" Chemical Plant Freeport
Schenectady Chemical Plant Freeport
Shir-Tech Plant Freeport
Stauffer Chemical Plant Freeport
Humble-Exxon Oil Refinery Freer
Mobil Oil Refinery Freer
Breen Chemical Friendswood
T.U. Electric Frisco
T.U. Electric (Collin Power Plant) Frisco
Texas Power & Light Powerhouse Frisco
Amerada-Hess Oil Storage Facility (Tank Farm) Galena Park
General American Tank Erection (Gatx) Storage Tank And Tanker Facility Galena Park
Warren Petroleum-Chevron-Standard Oil Storage Facility (Tank Farm) Galena Park
American Oil Company (Amoco) Galveston
Docks, Ports, Shipyards & Ship Channels Galveston
Docks, Wharf & Shipyards Galveston
Exxon Galveston
Falstaff Brewery Galveston
Galveston Community College Galveston
Galveston Docks Galveston
Galveston Shipyard Galveston
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Galveston
Hi Grade Packing Galveston
Islander Beach Hotel Galveston
Lone Star Power Plant Galveston
Moody Compress Galveston
Port Of Galveston Galveston
Port Of Galveston - Pier 41 Galveston
Todd Shipyard - Nuclear Service Center Galveston
Todd Shipyard-Pelican Island Galveston
University Of Texas Medical Branch (Utmb) Marine Unit "Pelican Island" Buildings Galveston
University Of Texas Medical Building (Utmb) Galveston
University Of Texas Medical Center Galveston
Utmb Psychiatric Hospital Galveston
City Of Garland Garland
Decker Meats Garland
Eco Lab Chemical Plant Garland
Garland Community Hospital Garland
Garland Municipal Power Plant Garland
Garland Power & Light Garland
Garland Powerhouse Garland
Intercontinental Mfg. Co. Bomb Casing Plant Garland
Kraft Foods Garland
Lake Lavon Power Plant Garland
Lake Ray Hubbard Power Plant Garland
Newman Power Plant Garland
Resistal Hat Company Garland
Sears, Roebuck Warehouse Garland
Texas Youth Facility Gatesville
Southwest Elecrtic Power Plant Gentry
Southwestern University Georgetown
Tu Plant Girvin
Texas Utility Service Glen Rose
El Paso Natural Gas Refinery & Compressor Station Goldsmith
Phillips Gas Plant Goldsmith
Naval Air Station (NAS) Goliad
Humble Refinery Gonzales
Graham Power Plant Graham
Texas Utilities Power Plant Graham
Tu Electric Power Plants Graham
Txu Power Plant Graham
De Cordovia Bend Power Plant Granbury
Granbury Powerhouse Granbury
Exxon Oil Refinery Grand Falls
Chance Vaught/Bell Helicopter Grand Prairie
Chance Vought Aircraft Grand Prairie
Dallas Power & Light Grand Prairie
Eagle Mountain Lake Steam Plant Grand Prairie
General Motors Plant Grand Prairie
LTV Aerospace Plant Grand Prairie
LTV/ Chance Vought/ Vought Aircraft Grand Prairie
LTV/Chance Vought Grand Prairie
Mountain Creek Generating Station Grand Prairie
Mountain Creek Power Plant Grand Prairie
Mt. Creek Powerhouse Grand Prairie
Morton Salt Grand Saline
Decordova Unit 1 Power Plant Grandbury
Houston Lighting & Power (H.L.&P.) Steam Plant Greenbay
Armco Steel Mill Greens Bayou
Diamond Shamrock/Diamond Alkali/Occidental/Oxychem Chemical Plant Greens Bayou
Houston Power & Light Power Plant Greens Bayou
Nyotex Chemical Plant Greens Bayou
Greenville Power Plant Greenville
LTV Aircraft - E-Systems Greenville
Gregory Portland High School Gregory
Reynolds Docks Gregory
Reynolds Metals San Patricio Plant Gregory
Reynolds Metals Sherwin Plant Gregory
Atlantic Richfield Oil Refinery Groves
Fina Refinery Groves
Phillips Gas "Sherhan" Plant Gruver
H.W. Perkie Hallsville
Hallsville Power Plant Hallsville
Handley Power Plant Handley
Valley Baptist Medical Center Harlingen
Haskell Power Plant Haskell
West Texas Utilities Haskell
Exxon Chemical Plant Hawkins
Exxon Gas Plant Hawkins
Exxon Oil Refinery Hawkins
Anderson Hickey Manufacturing Plant Henderson
Henderson Clay Products Plant Henderson
Holly Sugar Plant Hereford
Certainteed Asbestos Cement Pipe Plant Hillsboro
Keasby & Mattison Plant Hillsboro
1St City Bank Building Houston
A.O. Smith/Armco Steel Mill Houston
Aber Insulation Plant Houston
Aldeen School Houston
Aldene High School Houston
Allied Sheetmetal And Roofing Fabrication Plant Houston
Anchor Hocking Glass Plant Houston
Anheuser-Busch Brewery Houston
Anheuser-Busch Glass Plant Houston
ARCO Chemical Plant Houston
ARCO Industries Houston
ARCO Warehouse Houston
Armco Refinery Houston
Armco Steel Houston
Armco Steel Mill Houston
Armco Steel Office Buildings Houston
Armco Steel-Houston Houston
Armstrong Cork Plant Houston
Astrodome Houston
Astrodome Stadium Complex Houston
Astrodome Utility Lines Houston
Astroworld Houston
Atlas Pipe Houston
Babcock Borsig Power Inc. Houston
Baker Tools Houston
Bank Of The Southwest Building Houston
Baylor Medical Center Houston
Baylor Medical College Houston
Beaumont Well Works Houston
Bell Telephone Building (s) Houston
Belmas Corp. Houston
Ben Taub Hospital Houston
Big Three Industries - Airliquide Headquarters Houston
Borden Milk Products Plant Houston
Brown & Root Building Houston
Brown & Root Fabricating Houston
Brown & Root Fabrication Shop Houston
Brown & Root Marine Yard Houston
Brown & Root Shipyard Houston
Brown & Root Yard Houston
Brown & Root, Inc. Houston
Browns Shipyard Houston
Burbank School Houston
Cameron Iron Works Foundry Houston
Cargill Grain Elevator Houston
Celanese Chemical Plant Houston
Celotex Roofing Plant Houston
Century Building Houston
Charter Oil Refinery Houston
Charter Oil/Phibro Oil Refinery Houston
Chevron Refinery Houston
Chicago Bridge & Iron Fabricating Plant Houston
Chimney Rock Retirement Home Houston
Chronicle Building Houston
Cities Service Refinery Houston
City Docks Houston
City Hall Building Houston
City Jail Houston
City Of Houston Houston
City Of Houston Court Building Roofs Houston
City Of Houston Probation Dept. & Court Complex Houston
Cleco Houston
Coal Fired Power Plant Houston
Coastal Concrete Pipe Houston
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Houston
Coca-Cola Plant Houston
Compaq Computer Co. Houston
Conoco Tower High Rise Office Building Houston
Consolidated/Stauffer Chemical Plant Houston
Consolidated-Stauffer Chemical Plant Houston
Continental Can Houston
Continental Can Plant Houston
Crown Central Oil Refinery Houston
Crown Cork & Seal Plant Houston
Cypress-Fairbanks Hospital Houston
Delta Engineering Fabrication Shop Houston
Diagnostic Clinic Houston
Diamond Chemical Plant Houston
Diamond Shamrock Houston
Docks, Ports, Shipyards & Ship Channels Houston
Dow Chemical Plant Houston
Dupont Chemical Plant Houston
Dupont Paint Plant Houston
Elf Ato-Chem Houston
Ellington Field Air Force Base Houston
Ethyl Corporation Houston
Ethylene Gulf Coast (Egc) Houston
Exxon Houston
Exxon Building Houston
Exxon Bulk Station Houston
Exxon Gas Station Houston
Exxon Oil Refinery Houston
Exxon/Mobil Olefins Plant - Mobile Olefins Plant Houston
Fondren Middle School Houston
Ford Autobody Plant Houston
G. A. F. Tile Plant Houston
Gable Street Plant Houston
General Electric Plant Houston
General Foods Plant Houston
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Synthetic Rubber Plant Houston
Greens Bayou Steam Plant Houston
Gulf Atlantic Warehouse Houston
Gulf Coast Cement Plant Houston
Gulf Coast Portland Cement Plant Houston
Gulf Oil Chemical & Research Houston
Gulf Reduction Plant Houston
Gulf States Asphalt Plant Houston
Gulf/Chevron Plant Houston
Harris County Civil Court Building Houston
Harris County Courthouse Houston
Harris County Criminal Court Houston
Hermann Hospital Houston
Hill Petroleum Oil Refinery Henry Vogt Boiler Refurbishment Houston
Hill Refinery Houston
Hilton Hotel Houston
Hiram Clark Power Plant Houston
Honeywell Office Building Houston
Houston Belt & Terminal Railroad Houston
Houston Chemical Houston
Houston Chronicle Building Houston
Houston City Hall Houston
Houston City Jail Houston
Houston Club Building Houston
Houston Community College Houston
Houston Convention Center Houston
Houston Diagnostic Clinic Houston
Houston House Apartment Building Houston
Houston Light And Power (Hl&P) Steam Plant Houston
Houston Lighting & Power (Hl&P) "Greens Bayou" Power Plant Houston
Houston Lighting & Power (Hl&P) "T.H. Wharton" Power Plant Houston
Houston Lighting & Power (Hl&P) Office Building Houston
Houston Lighting & Power (Hl&P) South Houston Service Center Houston
Houston Linen Service Plant Houston
Houston Medical Center Houston
Houston Museum Of Art Houston
Houston Natural Gas Houston
Houston Police Station Houston
Houston Power & Light Co. - Powerhouse Houston
Houston Power & Light Power Plant Houston
Houston Ship Repair Houston
Houston Shipbuilding Shipyard Houston
Houston Shipyard Houston
Hudson Engineering/Marine Shipyard Houston
Hughes Machine Shop Houston
Hughes-Christensen-Baker Oilfield Tools Plant Houston
Humble Oil Refinery Houston
Humble Oil Service Station Houston
Humble-Exxon Oil Refinery Houston
Hunt Oilfield Tools Plant Houston
Hunt Tool Co. Fabrication Yard Houston
IBM Houston
Ideal Cement Houston
Industrial Insulators Houston
International Paper Houston
International Paper Mill Houston
J.T. Thorpe Insulation Plant Houston
Jc Penney Houston
Jcpenney Houston
Jones Hall Houston
Joseph Mccollum Company Houston
Joske’s Houston
Kaiser Aluminum Plant Houston
Klein Independent School District Houston
Koppers Chemical Plant Houston
Kroger Store Houston
Kroger Stores Houston
Kroger Supermarket Warehouse Houston
Lee Bond Construction Company Houston
Lone Star Industries Houston
Lykes Bros. Steamship Co. Houston
M.D. Anderson Hospital Houston
M.D. Anderson Medical Center Houston
Madison High School Houston
Magnolia-Socony-Mobil-British Petroleum (BP) Oil Refinery And Chemical Plant Houston
Maloney Metal Fabricating Shop Houston
Maryland Club Coffee Plant Houston
Maxwell House Coffee Plant Houston
Mcevoy Plant Houston
Memorial Baptist Hospital Houston
Memorial Hermann Garage Houston
Memorial Hospital Houston
Merichem Company Houston
Merisol Chemical Plant fka Merichem Chemical Plant Houston
Methodist Hospital Houston
Milby High School Houston
Mobil Chemical Plant Houston
Mobil Steel Corporation Houston
Montgomery Ward Department Store Warehouse Model Houston
Mosher Steel Houston
Mrs. Bairds (Nka Grupo-Bimbo) Houston
Murrey Rubber Company Houston
Nabisco Bakery Houston
Nabisco Plant Houston
NASA - Manned Space Flight Center At Ellington Afb Houston
NASA Field Test Branch Ellington Air Force Base Houston
NASA Johnson Space Center Houston
National Lead Houston
Nava Bay Hospital Houston
North Harris Community College Houston
North Houston Power Plant Houston
Occidental Chemical Houston
Old First City Bank Houston
Owens Corning Roofing Co. Houston
Oxcerine Plant Houston
P&S Rice Plant Houston
Pacific Molasses Houston
Pennwalt Chemicals Houston
Petro Tex Chemical Houston
Petro Texas Chemical Corp. Houston
Petrofina Refinery Houston
Petro-Tex Butadiene Plant Houston
Petro-Tex Chemical Houston
Petrotex Oil Refinery Houston
Petrotex-Denka Oil Refinery Houston
Philbro Refinery Houston
Phillip Carey Manufacturing Plant Houston
Phillips Chemcial Plant Houston
Platzer Shipyard Houston
Port Of Houston Houston
Port Of Houston - Adams Terminal Houston
Port Of Houston - City Docks And Barber Cut Docks Houston
Port Of Houston Docks Houston
Port Of Houston Shipyard Houston
Port Of Houston, Docks And Ship Channel Houston
Proler Steel Scrapyard Houston
Prudential Building Houston
Psychiatric Hospital Houston
Public Laundries Inc. Houston
Quality Electric Plant Houston
Quality Steel Castings Houston
Rainbo Bakery Houston
Rainbo Baking Plant Houston
Rainbow Bakery Houston
Reed Road School Houston
Reed Tool Houston
Reed Tool Machine Shop Houston
Reed-Baker-Camco "Roller-Bit" Oilfield Tools Plant Houston
Regency Heights 30-Story Hotel Houston
Reichold Chemical Plant Houston
Rice Hotel Houston
Rice Mill Houston
River Oaks Apartment Complex Houston
S & R Tool & Supply Company Houston
Sam Houston Hotel Houston
Sam Houston Library Houston
Sam Houston University Houston
San Jacinto Building Houston
Schlumberger Fab Shop Houston
Schlumberger Oil Service Office Building Houston
School Administration Building Houston
Sears Roebuck Houston
Sears, Roebuck Houston
Sears, Roebuck Automotive Center Houston
Sears, Roebuck Warehouse Houston
Shamrock Hotel Houston
Sharpstown High School Houston
Sheffield Houston Works Houston
Shell I Office Building Houston
Shell Oil Building Houston
Shell Oil Laboratory Houston
Shell Oil Refinery Houston
Shell Plaza I And Ii Office Building Complex Houston
Shell Research Facility Houston
Sheraton Hotel Houston
Signal Oil & Gas Plant Houston
Signal Oil A/K/A Charter Oil Refinery Houston
Sinclair Copper Plant Houston
Sinclair Gas Station Houston
Sinclair Rubber - Petrotex Chemical Plant Houston
South Coast Plants Houston
Southern Pacific Chaney Yard Houston
Southern Pacific Englewood Yard Houston
Southern Pacific Railroad Houston
Southern Pacific Railroad Roundhouse And Backshop Houston
Southwest Fabricating Houston
Southwest Fabricating & Welding Shop Houston
Southwest Industries Fabrication Shop Houston
Southwest Pipe Fabricating Shop Houston
St. Elizabeth Hospital Houston
St. Joe Professional Building Houston
St. Joseph Professional Building Houston
St. Lukes Hospital Houston
Standard Asbestos Plant Houston
Stauffer Chemical Plant Houston
Sterling High School Houston
Sterling Packing & Gasket Co. Houston
Sun Oil Houston
T.H. Wharton Steam Plant Houston
Teague Middle School Houston
Tenn Tex Houston
Tenneco Houston
Tenneco Gas Refinery Houston
Tenneco Office Building Houston
Tenneco Plant - Pasadena Plant Houston
Tenn-Tex Corporation Houston
Texaco Headquarters Houston
Texaco Oil Refinery Houston
Texaco Service Station Houston
Texas Commerce Tower Houston
Texas Commercial Bank Houston
Texas Electric Steel Casting Houston
Texas Forge Plant Houston
Texas National Bank Houston
Texas Petro Chemical Houston
Texas Petrochem Chemical Plant Houston
Texas Power & Light Houston
Texas Southern University Houston
Texas State University Houston
Texas Women’s University Houston
Tex-Tube Plant Houston
Todd San Jacinto Shipyard Houston
Transco Gas Pipeline Houston
Transcontinental Gas Corp. Houston
Transcontinental Pipeline Houston
Trinity Industries Houston
Triple B Plant/Refinery Houston
Trunk Line Gas Building Houston
Tube-Kote Pipe Spraying Plant Houston
Tubescope Houston
U.S. Industries aka Wyatt Industries Houston
U.S. Post Office Houston
U.S. Post Office (s) Houston
U.S. Steel Mill Houston
Uncle Ben Rice Plant Houston
Union Carbide Headquarters Houston
Union Carbide Plant Houston
United Gas Pipeline Houston
University Of Houston Houston
University Of Houston - Science Building Houston
University Of Houston Medical Center Houston
Uvalde Rock Asphalt Floor Tile Plant Houston
Various Houston Light & Power Plants Houston
Vector Cable Houston
Western Geophysical Building Houston
Wharton Junior College Houston
Wyatt Boiler Works Houston
WYATT’s Metal & Boiler Works Houston
Wyatt’s Rubber & Plastic Plant Houston
Yates High School Houston
YMCA Building Houston
Texaco Pipeline Houston To Beaumont
Cotton Gin Mill Hubbard
Exxon Oil Refinery Humble
Huntsville Hospital Huntsville
Sam Houston State University Huntsville
Texas Department Of Corrections Huntsville
Bell Helicopter/Textron Hurst
Dow Chemical Ingleside
Dupont Chemical Plant Ingleside
Ei Dupont Ingleside
Reynolds Metals Plant Ingleside
Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant Irving
Frito-Lay Plant Irving
Irving Hospital Irving
Irving Mall Irving
Zales Jewlery Company, Headquarters Irving
Gulf State Incinerator Jacksonville
Jackson Powerhouse Jacksonville
Jacksonville Texas High School Jacksonville
Stryker Creek Power Plant Jacksonville
Texas Power & Light Power Plant Jacksonville
Jasper High School Jasper
Owens-Illinois Plywood Mill Jasper
Lake Of The Pines Powerhouse Jefferson
Wilkes Power Station Jefferson
Houston Power & Light Jewett
Humble Gas Plant Jourdanton
Lone Star Ordinance Plant Karnack
Longhorn Ordinance Plant Karnack
Thiokol Chemical Plant Karnack
Humble Oil Katy
Humble Oil aka Exxon Gas Plant Katy
Katy ISD Katy
Katy Refinery Katy
Angelina County Lumber Mill Company Keltys
Houston Lighting & Power Power Plant Kemah
Lone Star Fertilization Plant Kerens
Gulf Oil Refinery Kermit
Sid-Richardson Gas Plant Kermit
Shriner`S Institute Kerrville
Texas State Hospital Kerrville
Veterans’ Administration Hospital Kerrville
Humble Oil Refinery Kilgore
Kilgore Junior College Kilgore
Noxilee Power Plant Kilgore
Petrolite Chemical Plant Kilgore
Central Texas College Killeen
Fort Hood Army Base Killeen
Killeen Elementary School Killeen
Texas Power & Light Killeen
Celanese Chemical Plant Kingsville
E.I. Dupont Kingsville
Exxon King Ranch Gas Plant Kingsville
Exxon Oil Field Kingsville
Exxon Oil Refinery Kingsville
Hayes High School Kyle
La Gloria Gas Plant La Gloria
Fayette Memorial Hospital La Grange
Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) Power Plant La Grange
Chemetron Chemical Plant La Porte
Dow "Polyurethane" Chemical Plant La Porte
Dupont Chemical Plant La Porte
Tenneco Plant - Barbours Cut La Porte
Lake Creek Steam Plant Lake Creek
Wilkes Power Plant Lake Of The Pines
Webster’s Plant Lamark
Lamesa Cotton Gin Lamesa
Chemtron Plant LaPorte
Diamond Shamrock "Little Diamond - Oxyvinyls Battleground Chemical Plant LaPorte
Dow Chemical Plant LaPorte
Fina aka Atofina Chemical Plant LaPorte
Geon/B.F. Goodrich/Oxyvinyl LaPorte
Goodyear Chemical Plant LaPorte
Hoechst Celanese Chemical Plant LaPorte
ICI Underwood Chemical Plant LaPorte
Mercy Hospital Laredo
GTE Building Las Colinas
Exxon Plant LaSalle
Stanlin Oil And Gas Levelland
Moss Bluff Sulphur Plant Liberty
Cotton Spinning Mill Littlefield
General Dynamics Plant Lone Star
Lone Star Steel Company Lone Star
Southwestern Electric Power Plant Lone Star
American National Can Longview
Continental Can Plant Longview
Courthouse Longview
Exxon Pipeline Booster Station Longview
Knox-Lee Power Plant - Lake Cherokee Power Plant Longview
La Gloria Oil Refinery Longview
Letourneau College Longview
Letourneau Fabricating Shop Longview
Longview First Baptist Church Longview
Longview Hospital Longview
LTV Plant Longview
Marathon Le Tourneau Oil Refinery Longview
Schlitz Brewery/Stroh’s Brewery Longview
Schlitz Can Plant Longview
Sears, Roebuck Longview
Skelly Oil Refinery Longview
Texas Eastman Chemical Plant Longview
Texas Eastman Kodak Longview
Citizens National Bank Lubbock
City Of Lubbock Lubbock
City Of Lubbock Power Plant Lubbock
Coronado High School Lubbock
Cotton Compress Lubbock
Holly Avenue 1 Power Plant Lubbock
Jones Station Lubbock
Jones Station Power Plant Lubbock
Lubbock Cotton Oil Processing Plant Lubbock
Lubbock Library Lubbock
Lubbock Methodist Hospital Lubbock
Lubbock Powerhouse Lubbock
Texas Tech Health Science Center Lubbock
Texas Tech Hospital Lubbock
Texas Tech University (Men’s Dorms) Lubbock
Abitibi Consolidated Paper Mill Lufkin
Champion Papermill Lufkin
E-Tex International Lufkin
Ethyl Gasoline Paper Mill Lufkin
Georgia Pacific Plant Lufkin
International Paper Mill Lufkin
Lufkin Foundry And Machine Company Lufkin
Lufkin Industries Machine Shop Lufkin
Lufkin Paper Mill Lufkin
Lufkin Trailer Plant Lufkin
Lufkin Trailers Lufkin
Memorial Hospital Lufkin
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. Of America Lufkin
Orange Pulp And Paper Lufkin
Plymouth & GMC Dealership Lufkin
Southland Paper Mill Lufkin
Temple Steel Lufkin
Texas Foundries Lufkin
Woodland Heights Medical Center Lufkin
Exxon Oil Refinery Manvel
Phillips 66 Plant Manvel
Marathon Oil Refinery Markham
Atlas Chemical Powder Plant Marshall
Darco Plant Marshall
Exell Helium Plant Masterson
Central Power & Light (Cl&P) McAllen
McAllen International Airport McAllen
McAllen Isd McAllen
McAllen Water Plant McAllen
McCamey Power Plant McCamey
Alliant Tech Systems Rocket Propulsion Plant McGregor
Eastfield Community College Mesquite
Lake Ray Hubbard Power Plant Mesquite
Mesquite High School Mesquite
Mesquite Independent School District Mesquite
Montgomery Ward Mesquite
North Mesquite High School Mesquite
Cosden-Fina Oil Refinery Midland
First National Bank Building Midland
Midland College Midland
Midland High School Midland
Midland Hospital Midland
Phillips Refinery Midland
Southwestern Bell Telephone Midland
Gifford Hill Cement Plant Midlothian
Texas Industries Midlothian
Bates Power Plant Mission
Missioin Water Plant Mission
Cooper Oilfield Tools Plant Missouri City
WKM Plant Missouri City
Permian Basin Power Plant Monahans
Texas Utilities Power Plant Monahans
Exxonmobil Polyethylene Plant Mont Belvieu
Gulf Oil Mont Belvieu
Mont Belvieu Elementary School Mont Belvieu
Warren Petroleum-Chevron-Standard Oil Storage Facility (Tank Farm) Mont Belvieu
Monticello Power Plant Monticello
TXU Power Plant Monticello
International Sulphur Mound Mount Pleasant
Monticello Winfield Mine Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant Power Plant Mount Pleasant
Pilgrims Pride Packing Plant Mount Pleasant
T.U. Electric Power Plant Mount Pleasant
Warren Petroleum Pumping Station Mt. Belvieu
Southwestern Public Service Power Plant Muleshoe
Citco Gas Plant Myrtle Springs
Stephen F. Austin College Nacogdoches
Gulf States Power Plant Navasota
Neches Chemical Plant Neches
Big Three Industries aka Airliquide Gas Plant Nederland
Jefferson Chemical Nederland
Neches Butane Plant Nederland
Pure Oil-Union 76-Union Oil Co. "Beaumont Works" Oil Refinery Nederland
Sun Oil (Sunoco) Refinery Nederland
Unical Nederland
Union 76 Oil Refinery Nederland
New Braunfels Hospital New Braunfels
Valley Mills Textile New Braunfels
Stryker Creek Power Plant New Summerfield
Louisiana Pacific Paper Mil New Waverly
Texas Gulf Sulphur Company Plant Newgulf
Southwestern Bell Telephone Oak Cliff
1St National Bank Building Odessa
Amoco Odessa
Dora Roberts Gas Plant Odessa
El Paso Natural Gas Refinery Odessa
Odessa Butadiene Odessa
Odessa Coliseum Odessa
Odessa Hospital Odessa
Pan American Oil Odessa
Phillips Refinery Odessa
Rexall Refinery (Plastics Plant) Odessa
Rexalt Mineral-Rexall-Rexene Chemical Plant Odessa
Shell Oil & Gas Plant Odessa
Star Insulators Odessa
Chevron Phillips "Sweeny" Chemical Plant Old Ocean
Phillips 66 Oil Refinery Old Ocean
A. Schulman Plastic Plant Orange
Allied Chemical Plant Orange
American Bridge Shipyard Orange
Amoco Production Plant Orange
B.F. Goodrich Plastics Plant Orange
B.F. Goodrich Tire & Rubber Plant Orange
Bayer Chemical Plant Orange
Bethlehem Shipyard Orange
Bridgestone Firestone Chemical Plant Orange
Champion Paper Mill Orange
Chevron Phillips Plastics Plant Orange
Consolidated Steel Shipyard Orange
Degussa Engineered Carbon Black Plant Orange
Dupont Chemical Plant Orange
Dupont Warehouse Orange
Firestone Butadiene Orange
Firestone Tire & Rubber Plant Orange
Gulf States Utilities Orange
Gulfport Shipyard Orange
Levingston Shipbuilding Co. Orange
Orange Papermill Orange
Orange Shipyard Orange
Owens-Illinois/Inland Paper Mill Orange
Sabine River Water Plant Orange
Sabine River Works Orange
Temple-Inland A.K.A. Eastex Paper Mill Orange
U.S. Steel Fabrication Shop Orange
U.S. Steel Shipyard Orange
Bridgestone Firestone Polymers Synthetic Rubber Plant Orange
Dow Chemical Plant Oyster Creek
Celanese Chemical Plant Palacios
Brazos Valley Co-Op Power Plant Palo Pinto
Crazy Water Hotel Palo Pinto
Palo Pinto Power Plant Palo Pinto
Randall Miller Power Plant Palo Pinto
Cabot Construction-Crane And Oil Supplies Plant Pampa
Cabot Gas Refinery Pampa
Cabot Industries A/K/A Cabot Carbon Black Pampa
Cabot Machine Shop Pampa
Cabot Ordinance Plant Pampa
Cabot Steel Pampa
Celanese Chemical Plant Pampa
Hoechst/Celanese Chemical Powerhouse Pampa
Phillips 66 Chemical Plant Pampa
Phillips Petroleum Co. Pampa
Campbell’s Soup Plant Paris
St. Joseph’s Hospital Paris
Bank One Building Pasadena
Bayport Chemical Plant Pasadena
Big Diamond Chemical Plant Pasadena
British Petroleum (BP) Chemical Plant Pasadena
Brown & Root Fabricating Shop Pasadena
Brown & Root Inc. Pasadena
Celanese "Clear Lake" Plant Pasadena
Celanese Plant Pasadena
Charter Oil Refinery Pasadena
Chevron Phillips "Houston Complex" Polymers Plant Pasadena
Cosden-Fina "Bayport" Oil Refinery And Plastics Chemical Plant Pasadena
Crown Central Petroleum Refinery Pasadena
Crown Oil Refinery Pasadena
Crown Oil Refinery. Pasadena
Dupont Plant Pasadena
Eastern States Chemical Plant Pasadena
Ethyl Corp. Oil Refinery Pasadena
Ethyl Oil Refinery Pasadena
Goodyear Tire & Rubber "Bayport" Chemical Plant Pasadena
Gulf Oil Refinery Pasadena
Hoechst-Celanese "Bayport" Chemical Plant Pasadena
Houston Lighting & Power "Deep Water" Power Plant Pasadena
Houston Shipyard Pasadena
Industrial Gunite Pasadena
ISK Biotech Pasadena
Lubrizol Chemical Plant Pasadena
Lyondell "Bayport" Chemical Intermediates Plant Pasadena
Mobay Chemical Plant fka Miles fka Denka Pasadena
Mobil Oil Refinery Pasadena
Monsanto Chemical Plant Pasadena
Nova Styrene Monomer Plant Pasadena
Occidental Plastics - Pvc Plant Pasadena
Olin Mathieson Chemical Plant Pasadena
Oxychem PVC Plant Pasadena
Phillips Oil Refinery Pasadena
Phillips Plastics Plant Pasadena
Sam Bertron Steam Plant Pasadena
San Jacinto College Pasadena
San Jacinto Junior College Pasadena
Shell Chemical Plant Pasadena
Shell Oil Refinery Pasadena
Simpson/Champion Paper Mill Pasadena
Sinclair Coppers Chemical Plant Pasadena
Stauffer Chemical Plant Pasadena
Texas Petrochemical Chemical Plant Pasadena
U.S. Industries Chemical Plant Pasadena
Union Carbide Plant Pasadena
Upjohn Plant Pasadena
Replacement Parts Co. Pearland
Pearsall Power Plant Pearsall
Sulphur Plant Pecos
Temple-Inland Saw Mill Pineland
Technicorp Nitrogen Plant Plainview
ARCO Building Plano
Medical Center Hospital Plano
Plano High School Plano
Southwestern Bell Telephone Pleasant Grove
ALCOA Aluminum Plant Point Comfort
ALCOA Power Plant Point Comfort
Aluminum Company Of America (ALCOA) Aluminum Plant Point Comfort
Celanese Chemical Plant Point Comfort
Central Power & Light Ennis L. Joslin Power Plant Point Comfort
Dow Chemical Point Comfort
Humble aka Exxon Refinery Point Comfort
Reynolds Aluminum Plant Point Comfort
Exxon Oil Refinery Port Aransas
1St National Bank Building Port Arthur
ARCO Ethylene Plant Port Arthur
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Port Arthur
Chemwaste Chemical Processing Plant Port Arthur
Chevron Phillips Steam Cracking Plant Port Arthur
Dow Chemical Plant Port Arthur
E.I. Dupont Port Arthur
Fina Oil Port Arthur
Great Lakes Carbon Black Plant Port Arthur
Gulf Chemical Plant Port Arthur
Gulf Oil Refinery Port Arthur
Gulf Refinery Port Arthur
Gulf States Refinery & Office Buildings Port Arthur
Gulf-Chevron-Standard Oil Refinery And Chemical Plant Port Arthur
Gulfport Shipyard Port Arthur
Humble Oil Refinery Port Arthur
Huntsman Aromatics & Olefins Plant - Texaco Chemical Port Arthur
Port Arthur Refinery Port Arthur
Premcor Oil Refinery Port Arthur
Quantum Chemicals Plant Port Arthur
San Jacinto Gas Port Arthur
Sinclair-Atlantic Richfield Co. (ARCO)-Koppers-Millenium-Equistar Chemical Plant Port Arthur
Taylor Motors Port Arthur
Texaco Island Shipyard Port Arthur
Texaco Oil Refinery Port Arthur
Texaco-Motiva-Star Enterprise Oil Refinery Port Arthur
Texas Chemical Plant Port Arthur
Texas Co. Port Arthur
Texas Oil Refinery Port Arthur
Fina Oil Refinery Port Arthur (Groves)
Taylor Oil Refinery Port Isabel
Union Carbide Chemical Plant Port Isabel
ALCOA Aluminum Plant Port Lavaca
Celanese Chemical Plant Port Lavaca
Dupont Chemical Plant Port Lavaca
Union Carbide aka Dow Seadrift Olefins Plant Port Lavaca
Ameripol Synpol Chemical Plant Port Neches
B.F. Goodrich Tire & Rubber Plant Port Neches
Fina Oil Refinery Port Neches
Huntsman Neches Butane Products (C-4) Plant fka Texaco Port Neches
Huntsman Oxides & Olefins (O&O) Plant - Jefferson Chemical Plant Port Neches
Jefferson-Texaco Chemical Plant Port Neches
Neches Butane Plant Port Neches
Port Neches Refinery Port Neches
Texaco Asphalt Plant Port Neches
Texaco Oil Refinery Port Neches
Texas U.S. Chemical Plant Port Neches
Oasis Pipeline Prairie Lee
Prairie View A&M University Prairie View
Prairie View Power Plant Prairie View
Texas A&M College Prairie View
Humble aka Exxon Refinery Premont
Mobil Oil Refinery Premont
Lake Pauline Power Plant Quanah
Phillips Gas Plant Rankin
Exxon Plant Refugio
Humble Refinery Refugio
Berkner High School Richardson
Collins Radio Manufacturing Plant Richardson
Collins Radio Office Building Richardson
Richardson High School Richardson
Brazos Valley Power Plant Richmond
Polly Ryan Hospital Richmond
W. A. Parish Steam Plant Richmond
WKM Foundry Richmond
WKM Iron Foundry Richmond
WKM Refinery Richmond
Humble/Exxon Rio Grande City
Shell Oil Rio Grande City
Aluminum Company Of America (ALCOA) Aluminum Plant Rockdale
Sandow Power Plant Rockdale
Texas Utilities Power Plant Rockdale
Gulf State Tubing Rosenberg
W.A. Parrish Power Plant Rosenberg
Dupont Chemical Plant Round Rock
McNeil Labratories Round Rock
Round Rock High School Round Rock
Runge Gas Transmission Plant Runge
Rusk Mental Hospital Rusk
Eagle Mountain Lake Powerhouse Saginaw
Concho Power Plant aka San Angelo Power Plant San Angelo
General Telephone Electronics (GTE) San Angelo
Goodfellow Air Force Base San Angelo
San Angelo State University San Angelo
West Utilities Powerhouse San Angelo
ABC Linen Plant San Antonio
Alamo Heights High School San Antonio
Alamo National Bank San Antonio
Baptist Hospital San Antonio
Bexar County Courthouse San Antonio
Bexar County Hospital San Antonio
Bexar County Jail San Antonio
Bexar County Teaching Hospital San Antonio
Braunig Lake Power Plant San Antonio
Brooks Air Force Base San Antonio
Calveras Lake Power Plant San Antonio
Camp Bullis Army Base San Antonio
Cementville Power Plant San Antonio
Central Energy Plant San Antonio
Century Building San Antonio
Cities Public Service San Antonio
City Office Complex San Antonio
City Water Board Office Building San Antonio
City Water Treatment Plant San Antonio
Coca-Cola San Antonio
Coca-Cola Plant San Antonio
Community Hospital San Antonio
Crossroads Building San Antonio
Division Drycleaners San Antonio
Express News San Antonio
Express Publishing Building San Antonio
Fort Sam Houston San Antonio
Fort Sam Houston Army Base San Antonio
Fort Sam Houston Hospital San Antonio
Fox Technical School San Antonio
Fredericks Air Conditioning Plant San Antonio
Frito-Lay Plant San Antonio
Frost Bank Office Building San Antonio
Frost National Bank San Antonio
Gaylord Box Company San Antonio
Gebhardt Mexican Food Products Plant San Antonio
Grace Lutheran Hospital San Antonio
H.B. Zachry Office Building San Antonio
Hawthorne Junior High School San Antonio
Hemisfair Arena Complex San Antonio
Holly Street Powerhouse San Antonio
Humann Hospital San Antonio
Incarnate Word College San Antonio
International Airport San Antonio
Jewish Community Center San Antonio
John Jay High School San Antonio
John Kennedy High School San Antonio
John Marshall High School San Antonio
John Marshall School San Antonio
Judson Candy Plant San Antonio
Kelly Air Force Base San Antonio
Lackland Air Force Base Elementary School San Antonio
Lackland Air Force Base Hospital San Antonio
Lackland Barrages San Antonio
Lackland Dog Training Center San Antonio
Leon Creek Powerhouse San Antonio
Leon Creek Steam Plant San Antonio
Lone Star Brewery San Antonio
Luby’s Cafeteria Headquaters San Antonio
Luby’s Cafeteria Restaurant San Antonio
Marriott Hotel North San Antonio
McNay Art Institute San Antonio
Menger Hotel San Antonio
Methodist Hospital San Antonio
Metropolitan Humana Hospital San Antonio
Mission Petroleum/Diamond Shamrock Plant San Antonio
Mission Provision Company San Antonio
Morningside Manor San Antonio
National Bank Of Commerce San Antonio
NBC Building San Antonio
Northside Power Plant San Antonio
O.W. Summers Power Plant San Antonio
O.W. Summers Steam Plant San Antonio
Pace Picante Plant San Antonio
Pearl Brewery San Antonio
Post Office Drycleaners San Antonio
Randolph Air Force Base San Antonio
Rilling Road Sewage Treatment Plant San Antonio
San Antonio College San Antonio
San Antonio Independent School District San Antonio
San Antonio Linen Company San Antonio
San Antonio Power & Light San Antonio
San Antonio Public Utility Plant San Antonio
San Antonio State Chest Hospital San Antonio
San Antonio State Hospital San Antonio
Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital San Antonio
Sea World San Antonio
Sears, Roebuck Building San Antonio
Southwest Research Complex San Antonio
Southwestern Bell Building (s) San Antonio
St. Anthony Hotel San Antonio
St. Lukes Hospital San Antonio
St. Mary’s University San Antonio
Sunshine Laundry & Dry Cleaner San Antonio
Swift Meat Packing Plant San Antonio
Texas Pharmaceuticals Plant San Antonio
Texas Power & Light San Antonio
Tower Of Americas Building San Antonio
Trinity Baptist Church San Antonio
Trinity University San Antonio
TU Electric Power Plant San Antonio
Tuttle Creek Power Plant San Antonio
University Of Texas San Antonio
University Of Texas - Science Building San Antonio
University Of Texas At San Antonio San Antonio
University Of Texas Dental School San Antonio
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
University Of Texas Health Sciences Buildings San Antonio
University Of Texas Medical Center San Antonio
University Of Texas Medical Laboratory San Antonio
University Of Texas School Of Nursing San Antonio
Usaa Building San Antonio
USAA Insurance Building San Antonio
V.H. Braunig Power Plant San Antonio
Vallejo Petroleum Company Office Building San Antonio
W.B. Tuttle Power Plant Unit 4 San Antonio
Wedgewood Apartment Building San Antonio
YMCA San Antonio
La Palma Power Plant San Benito
Houston Power & Light Power Plant San Leon
Gary Air Force Base San Marcos
Gary Job Center San Marcos
San Marcos Job Corps Building At Gary Air Force Base San Marcos
Southwest Texas State University San Marcos
Savoy Power Plant Savoy
Texas Utilities Power Plant 1, 2, 3. Savoy
Getty Oil Refinery aka Texaco Oil Refinery Scroggins
Bayport Tank Seabrook
Southwest Chemical Services Seabrook
Union Carbide Chemical Plant Seadrift
Columbia Carbon Black Plant Seagraves
Trinity Gas Sejita
Amerada-Hess Plant Seminole
Abitibi Consolidated Paper Mill Co. Sheldon
Shell Oil Refinery Sheridan
Johnson & Johnson Plant Sherman
Libby Owens Ford Glass Plant Sherman
Mrs. Tucker’s Milk Plant Sherman
Mrs. Tuckers Shortening Plant Sherman
Oscar Meyer Packing Plant Sherman
Valley Power Plant Sherman
Wilson N. Jones Hospital Sherman
ARCO Warehouse Silsbee
Atlantic Richfield Co. Silsbee
East Texas Paper Mill Silsbee
Kirby Plywood Mill Silsbee
South Hampton Oil Refinery Silsbee
Sun Oil (Sunoco) Refinery Silver
Sun Oil Company Silver City
Skelly Refinery Skellytown
Smithville High School Smithville
Lone Star Gas Plant Springtown
Texas Instruments Stafford
Natural Gas Pipeline Plant Stinnett
Getty Oil Co. Gas Plant Streetman
Imperial Sugar Mill Sugarland
Phillips 66 Gas Plant Summerville
Slaughter Gasoline Plant Sundown
American Zinc Smelter Sunray
Diamond Shamrock Refinery Sunray
Sunray Powerhouse Sunray
Abercrombie Harrison Refinery Sweeny
Phillips 66 "Old Ocean" Oil Refinery Sweeny
Sweetwater Cotton Oil Plant Sweetwater
Sinclair Refinery Taft
River Crest Power Plant Talco
Martin Creek Power Plant Tatum
Tatum Power Plant Tatum
Txu Power Plant Tatum
Carpenter Company Building Temple
King Daughters Hospital Temple
Mobil/Tenneco Chemical Temple
Ralph Wilson Plastics Temple
Santa Fe Railroad Temple
Scott White Hospital Temple
Terrell State Hospital Terrell
Boise Cascade Paper Mill Texarkana
Central Mall Texarkana
Cooper Tire Company Texarkana
Day & Zimmerman Texarkana
Diamond Paper Mill Texarkana
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill Texarkana
International Creosote Plant Texarkana
International Paper Mill Texarkana
Kerr-Mcgee Texarkana
Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant Texarkana
Penland Paper Texarkana
St. Michael Hospital Texarkana
Wadley Hospital Texarkana
American Chemical Plant Texas City
American Oil (Amoco) Chemical Plant Texas City
American Oil Co. (Amoco) Refinery Texas City
Armco Steel Mill Texas City
Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) Chemical Plant Texas City
B.C. Fertilizer Plant Texas City
Borden Chemical Plant Texas City
British Petroleum (BP) Oil Refinery Texas City
British Petroleum (BP) Petrochemical Plant Texas City
Carbide Carbon Co. Texas City
Carbon & Carbide Plant Texas City
Celanese Chemical Plant Texas City
Dow Natural Gas Derivatives Plant - Union Carbide Chemical Plant Texas City
Eastern States/Signal Oil/Charter Oil Refinery Texas City
Enron Power Plant Texas City
GAF (General Alkaline Film) Chemical Plant Texas City
Hill Products Texas City
Marathon Ashland Fuels Refinery Texas City
Monsanto aka Sterling Chemical Plant Texas City
Monsanto Chemical Plant Texas City
P. H. Robinson Plant Texas City
Smith & Douglas Refinery Texas City
Smith Douglass Textile Mill Texas City
Sterlington Power Plant Texas City
Texaco "Gasoline Cracking" Chemical Plant Texas City
Texas City Chemical Texas City
Texas City Power Plant Texas City
Texas City Refinery Texas City
Tin Processing Mill Texas City
Union Carbide Antifreeze Warehouse Texas City
Valero Fuels Refinery Texas City
Houston Lighting & Power (Hl&P) "Smithers Lake" Power Plant Thompsons
W.A. Parish Gas & Coal Power Plants Thompsons
Exxon Oil Refinery Three River
Exxon Oil Refinery Three Rivers
Valero "Three Rivers" Oil Refinery Three Rivers
Tilden Refinery Tilden
Houston Power & Light Power Plant Tomball
Humble Compressor Station Tomball
T. H. Wharton Power Plant Tomball
Tomball Power Plant Tomball
Texas Utilities Generating Plant Trinidad
Trinidad Power Plant Trinidad
American Oil Company (Amoco) Tyler
Amoco Building Tyler
Brookshire Supermarket Roof Tyler
Delek Oil Refinery fka La Gloria Oil Refinery Tyler
East Texas Medical Center Tyler
General Electric Plant Tyler
General Electric/Trane/American Standard Air Conditioner Plant Tyler
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Plant Tyler
Kelly Springfield Tire Plant Tyler
Kelly Tar Plant Tyler
McMurrey Refinery Tyler
Mother Frances Hospital Tyler
Rex-Hide Extruded Rubber Plant Tyler
Sears, Roebuck Tyler
Sterling Plumbing Fixtures Plant Tyler
Tyler Junior College Tyler
Tyler Pipe Foundry Tyler
University Of Texas Health Center Tyler
Western Pipe Foundry Tyler
Western Refinery Tyler
Mobil Gas Plant Vanderbilt
West Texas Power & Light Plant Vernon
Central Power & Light Company Victoria
Citizen Hospital Victoria
Dow Chemical Victoria
DuPont Chemical Plant Victoria
Exxon Oil Refinery Victoria
Memorial Hospital Victoria
Sears, Roebuck Victoria
Union Carbide Chemical Plant Victoria
Victoria Chemical Victoria
Victoria Power Plant Victoria
Baylor University Waco
Baylor University - Moody Library Waco
Certainteed Building Products Plant Waco
Fort Hood Waco
General Tire Plant Waco
Lake Creek Powerhouse Waco
M & M Mars Candy Plant Waco
Owens-Illinois Glass Plant Waco
Providence Hospital Waco
Tenneco Company Waco
Texas Power & Light Plant Waco
Ark La Gas Refinery Waskom
Brazos River Power Plant Weatherford
Lake Weatherford Power Plant Weatherford
North Texas Power Plant Weatherford
Exxon Gas Plant Webster
Houston Power & Light Power Plant Webster
Webster Junior High School Webster
American Petrofina Wichita Falls
Bethana Hospital Wichita Falls
Bethania Hospital Wichita Falls
Levi Strauss Plant Wichita Falls
Midwestern University Wichita Falls
Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Chemical Plant Wichita Falls
Sheppard Air Force Base Wichita Falls
Sprague Electric Company Wichita Falls
Wichita Falls State Hospital Wichita Falls
Lewis Creek Station Power Plant Willis
Humble Oil Refinery Wingate
Exxon/Humble Gas Plant & Tank Farm Wink
McCarthy Oil Winnie
Texas Gas Company Winnie
Tidewater Oil Company Winnsboro
American Oil Company (Amoco) Plant Yantis
Pan American Oil Refinery Yantis
M-I Drilling Fluids Zavalla
Abilene Hospital Abilene
Dyess Air force Base Abilene
Amoco Chocolate Bayou Alvin
Amarillo City Barn Amarillo
Amarillo Helium Amarillo
Amarillo Incinerator Amarillo
Amarillo Public Schools Amarillo
Amarillo Smelter Amarillo
Amarillo Trade School Amarillo
American Lead & Zinc Amarillo
Asarco Amarillo
Asarco Copper Amarillo
Harrington Station Amarillo
Nicholas Station Amarillo
NORAD Amarillo
OK Asbestos Co Amarillo
Pantex Amarillo
RJH Apartments Amarillo
Smelter Plant Amarillo
St Anthony Amarillo
Sulphur Plant Amarillo
Texaco Refinery Amarillo
Williams Electric Andrews
Right Motor Company Angleton
Quality Inn Arlington
Six Flags Mall Arlington
Baker Tank-ARP ARP
Texas Gulf Chemical Plant Aurora
Wight Engineering Austin
International Paper Company Bastrop
Celanese Plant Bay City
Chemical Plant Bay City
Cornet Rice Mill Bay City
Nuclear Plant Bay City
Oxyrene Chemical Plant Bayport
Retszlof Chemical Bayport
Aamco Baytown
Brown & Rood Baytown
Cedar Bayou Power Plant Baytown
Chevron Chemical Baytown
Chevron Gulf Baytown
Chevron Oil Baytown
Esso Refinery Baytown
Exxon Chemical Baytown
Gulf Oil Refinery Baytown
Humble Exxon Baytown
Mobay Chemical Baytown
PH Robinson Power Plant Baytown
Shell Oil Baytown
Standard Oil Baytown
Beaumont Works Beaumont
Bethlehem Steel Beaumont
Dupont Chemical Beaumont
Gulf Oil Beaumont
Magnolia Petroleum Beaumont
Mobil Oil Beaumont
Shell Oil Beaumont
Sinclair Oil Beaumont
Sun Oil Beaumont
Union 76 Refinery Beaumont
Carbon Plant Big Spring
Cosden Oil & Chemical Big Spring
Cosden Petrofina Refinery Big Spring
Ammonia Facility Big Springs
Big Springs High School Big Springs
Fina Refinery Big Springs
Celanese Chemical Bishop
Celanese Plant Bishop
Champion Petroleum Bishop
Carbon Black Co Borger
Co-Polymer Rubber & Chemical Borger
Phil Tex Borger
Philblack Plant Borger
Phillips Carbon Black Plant Borger
Phillips Petroleum Borger
Phillips Plains Plant Borger
Phillips Refinery Borger
Phillips Rubber Plant Borger
Standard Asbestos Borger
Amoco Chemical Standard Brownsville
Brownsville Hospital Brownsville
Carthage Hyrocol Plant Brownsville
Chartage-Hydrocol Brownsville
City of Brownsville Power Plant Brownsville
Marathon Oil Brownsville
Union Carbide Brownsville
Bryan Station Power Plant Bryan
Copolymer Rubber Plant Bunavista
Phillips Petroleum Plains Plant Bunavista
Phillips North Plant Byer City
Phillips Petroleum Cactus
BF Goodrich Calvert City
Spencer Chemical-Gulf Oil Plant Cedar Bayou
Parker Brothers Car Dealership Center
Arco Chemical Plant Channelview
Cargill Fertilizer Plant Channelview
Chevron Oil Refinery Channelview
Standard Oil Cherry Point
American Oil Refinery Chocolate Bayou
Amoco Chemical Chocolate Bayou
Dow Chemical Chocolate Bayou
Monsanto Chemical Chocolate Bayou
Phillips Petroleum Chocolate Bayou
Clarksville Base Clarksville
Clarksville Hospital Clarksville
NASA Clear Lake
Diamond Shamrock Cleveland
Ross Motor Company Clute
Texas A&M University College Station
Nabisco Comanche
Talley Automotive Commerce
Total Petroleum Refinery Commerce City
Texaco Refinery Conroe
Whitco Cordell
Bedford Construction Company Corpus Christi
C.C. Plumbing & Heating Corpus Christi
CCPC Corpus Christi
Celanese Chemical Corpus Christi
Central Power and Light Dispatching Corpus Christi
Chevron Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
Coastal States Refinery Corpus Christi
Corn Products Co. Intl. Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Plumbing & Heating Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Shipyard Corpus Christi
Hoechst Celanese Corpus Christi
Nueces Bay Power Station Corpus Christi
Reynolds Corpus Corpus Christi
Southern Alkale Corpus Christi
Southwest Oil Refinery Corpus Christi
Sun Tide Refinery Corpus Christi
Valeo Corpus Christi
Water Street Station Corpus Christi
Phillips Petroleum Crane
Firestone Crockett
Daniel Valve Cypress
Lone Star Steel Daingerfield
Phillips Helium Plant Dalhart
Armored Motor Co Dallas
AT&T Dallas Works Plant Dallas
Austin Bridge Dallas
Baker Hotel Dallas
Baylor Hospital Dallas
City Of Dallas Dallas
Citywide Heating and Air Dallas
Cooks Machinery Dallas
Dallas ISD Dallas
Dallas Morning News Dallas
Dallas Plumbing Dallas
DFW Airport Dallas
Frymire Engineering Dallas
General Electric Dallas
Mobil Building Dallas
Mrs. Bairds Dallas
North Lake Plant Dallas
Owens Corning Ware Dallas
Painters Union #53 Dallas
Palace Theatre Dallas
Parkdale Plant Dallas
Parkland Hospital Dallas
Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
Quality Inn Dallas
Redmond Plaza Dallas
Republic Bank Building Dallas
Reunion Arena Dallas
Reunion Hotel Dallas
Sheraton Dallas
SMU Dallas
St Paul Hosp Dallas
State Farm Dallas
Tempo Heating & Air Dallas
Travelers Insurance Company Dallas
United Industries Company Dallas
United Tile Company Dallas
VAMC Dallas
Verson All Steel Mfg co Dallas
Ward Bros Plumbing Dallas
Big Three Gas Deer Park
Brown & Root Deer Park
Celanese Chemical Deer Park
Crown Chemical Deer Park
Diamond Shamrock Refinery Deer Park
Dupont Chemical Deer Park
Ethel Corp Deer Park
Hoechst Celanese Deer Park
Occidental Chemical Deer Park
Phillips Refinery Deer Park
Quantium Deer Park
Rohm & Haas Deer Park
Sam Berton Power Plant Deer Park
Shell Chemical Deer Park
Shell Oil & Refinery Deer Park
Shell Refinery Deer Park
Union Carbide Deer Park
Upjohn chemical Deer Park
US Industries Deer Park
Johns-Manville Denison
Chick Spec. Co Denton
Texas Women's University Denton
University of North Texas Denton
Shell Oil Denver City
Shell Plant Denver City
Cory-Joslins Macnsons Desoto
Anstart Dimmitt
EL Cor Chemical Dimmitt
Good Pasture Fertilizer Plant Dimmitt
American Zinc Smelter Dumas
Diamond Shamrock Refinery Dumas
Natural Gas Pipeline Dumas
Phillips Petroleum Dumas
Phillips Refinery Dumas
Shamrock Dumas
Arco Chemical Plant Eagle Lake
Plant X Earth
B&R Compressor Station Edna
Airway Blvd El Paso
Art Craft Tile Co El Paso
Asarco El Paso
Chevron Refinery El Paso
Darbyshire Steel El Paso
El Paso Electric Co El Paso
El Paso Gas El Paso
Newman Power House El Paso
Pecos HS El Paso
Phelps Dodge El Paso
Providence Hospital El Paso
Rio Grande Power El Paso
Standard Chemical Refinery El Paso
Standard Oil El Paso
Sun Power Hospital El Paso
Texaco Refinery El Paso
Thomas Hospital El Paso
Trading House Power Plant Elk
Elsa Canning Elsa
Southern Pacific Railroad Ennis
East TX Paper Mill Evadale
Owens Illinois Paper Company Evandale
Fairfield Powerhouse Fairfield
CP&L Power Plant Flower Bluff
Flower Bluff Power Station Flower Bluff
Fort Bliss Fort Bliss
Civil Service Fort Hood
Carswell AFB Fort Worth
BASE Freeport
Dow Chemical Freeport
Dupont Chemical Freeport
Ethel Corp Freeport
Monsanto Chemical Freeport
Rhone Pulene Freeport
Shintech Freeport
Commerce Building Ft. Worth
Dixon Jenkins Plant Ft. Worth
General Dynamics Ft. Worth
Armco Plant Gainesville
Gulf Oil Galveston
King Boilerworks Galveston
Naval Shipyard Galveston
Standard Dredging Co Galveston
Todd Shipyard Galveston
Brown & Root Glen Rose
Glen Rose Squaw Valley Plant Glen Rose
Marathon Oil Gonzales
Texaco Refinery Gonzales
Chance Voight Aircraft Grand Prairie
B & R Pipe Mill Green Bayou
Auto Care by Jerry Greenville
Auto Doc Greenville
Caldwell Covering Greenville
City of Greenville Greenville
Crawford Smith Repair Greenville
Firestone Greenville
Judson Textile Mill Greenville
Toyota House Greenville
VA Hospital Gulf Port
Celotex Manufacturing Plant Hamlin
Texaco Refinery Harbor Island
Air Force Base-Harlingen Harlingen
Sun Valley Mall Harlingen
Valley Baptist Hospital Harlingen
Martin Lake Plant Henderson
Spencer Chemical-Gulf Oil Plant Henderson
Ford Motor Company Hereford
Keasbey & Mattison Plant Hillsboro
Amoco Chemical Houston
Amoco Oil Refinery Houston
Anchor Packing Houston
Anheuser Busch Brewery Houston
AO Smith Pipe Plant Houston
Arco Refinery Houston
Arco Sinclair Houston
Armco Sheffield Steel Houston
Astrodome Stadium Houston
Bear Creek Golf Course Clubhouse Houston
Brown & Root Houston
Brown & Todd Shipyard Houston
Brown Shipyard Houston
Buck Jones Sandblasting Houston
Budweiser Brewery Houston
Burbank Elementary Houston
Cameron Iron Houston
Campbell Roofing Houston
Carnation Plant Houston
Cashmere Garden High School Houston
Celanese Houston
Champion Simpson Paper Mill Houston
Charter Oil Houston
Chevron Oil Refinery ( Green Bayou) Houston
Chicago Bridge & Iron Houston
Citizen's Bank Houston
Cleco Air Tools Houston
Consolidated Chemical Houston
Continental Airport Houston
Crown Chemical Houston
Daniel Valve Houston
Diamond Shamrock Refinery Houston
Dixel Manufacturing Houston
Dow Chemical Houston
Dupont Chemical Houston
Eagle Insulation Houston
Exxon Refinery Houston
Fiberglass Insulations Houston
Gavis St. Power Plant Houston
Goodyear Plant Houston
Green Bayou Power Houston
Gulf Oil Refinery Houston
Hewitt Machine Houston
Houston Power & Light Houston
Humble Bldg Houston
Intercontinental Airport Houston
Johnson Space Center Houston
Lone Star Heat Houston
M and J Valve Houston
Maxwell House Plant Houston
Monsanto Chemical Houston
Mrs. Bairds Houston
Nabisco Houston
NASA Houston
Palm Center Houston
Pennzoil Building Houston
Penwalt Chemical Houston
Petrotex Houston
Phillips 66 Houston
Phillips Refinery Houston
R&P Machine Shop Houston
Rice University Houston
Roman Hause Chemical Houston
Sam Houston High School Houston
Seing Loin Roofing Houston
Sheffield Steel Mill Houston
Shell building Houston
Shell Refinery Houston
Shelter W Green Houston
Shortcut to Sun Tide Refinery Houston
Signal Oil Houston
Sinclair Copper Houston
Southland Paper Mill Houston
Stauffer Chemical Houston
Sun Tide Refinery Houston
T.H. Wharton Power Plant Houston
Tennaco Refinery Houston
Tennessee Gas Building Houston
Tetrahydrofuran Plant Houston
Texaco Refinery Houston
Texas Children's Hospital Houston
Texas Petrochem Houston
Todd Shipyard Houston
Tony Marin Body Shop Houston
Union Carbide Houston
Water Treatment Plant Houston
West Printing Co Houston
White Motor Company Houston
Yard & Bloodworth Houston
Sam Houston University Huntsville
Reynolds Metal Ingleside
CNR Lease Service Kennedy
Seaboard Oil co Kennedy
Burns Electric Kermit
Gulf Oil Kermit
Shell Oil Kermit
Ramada Inn Kerrville
Fort Hood Killeen
Communications Bldg Kingsville
Hoechst Celanese Kingsville
Calloway Textile Mill LaGrange
Air Products LaPorte
Bayport Chemical Complex LaPorte
Big 3 Oxygen & Nitrogen Plant LaPorte
Dupont Chemical LaPorte
Retszlof Chemical LaPorte
Rohm & Haas LaPorte
Shell Oil Refinery LaPorte
Tennaco Refinery LaPorte
Union Carbide LaPorte
Upjohn Dow Chemical LaPorte
US Industries LaPorte
Laredo Power Plant Laredo
US Air Force Base Laredo
Webster Power Plant League City
Lone Star Steel Lone Star
Standard Tool Long view
ADV Ross-Roy Green Longview
Combustion Eng. Longview
Eastman Kodak Longview
International Paper Company Longview
R.G. Letourneau Longview
Trinity Industries Longview
Reese Air Force Base Lubbock
Sound Photo Lubbock
Southwestern Power Service Lubbock
SPS Lubbock
Texas Tech University Lubbock
Champion International Lufkin
B. W. Karbo Pipeline Marshall
Texas & Pacific Railroad Marshall
Chemical Plant Maryneal
Rust Engineering Meade-Kingsport
Dallas Works Plant Mesquite
TU Electric Mesquite
Bank Building Midland Midland
Cosland Gas Refinery Midland
Paragon Midland Midland
Safety Building Midland
Twin Tower Bank Building Midland
Sealey Smith Plant Monahans
Texas Utilities Monahans
TU Electric Monahans
American Petro Fina Mount Pleasant
Monticello Plant Mount Pleasant
SFA University Nacogdoches
Pure Oil Refinery Nederland
Sun Oil Refinery Nederland
A & B Plumbing Odessa
Bowie Junior High Odessa
Burns Electric Odessa
Butane Diane Plant Odessa
El Paso Chemical Odessa
Foreman Electric Odessa
Odessa College Odessa
Odessa School District Odessa
Portland Cement Plant Odessa
Ref Chem Corp Odessa
Rexall Plant Odessa
Rexene Plastics Odessa
Rexene Polymor Odessa
Rubber Plant Odessa
Shell Oil Odessa
Shell Refinery Odessa
Star Insulation Odessa
StarAdair Insulation Odessa
Texas Instruments Odessa
University of Texas Odessa
University of Texas Permian Basin Odessa
Webb Woodworks Odessa
Pan American-Aroco Product Plant Old Ocean
Phillips 66 Old Ocean
Phillips Refinery Old Ocean
American Bridge Orange
Atlantic Reserve Fleet Orange
BF Goodrich Orange
Chevron Gulf Orange
Consolidated Shipyard Orange
Dupont Chemical Orange
Echo Plant Orange
Fina Refinery Orange
Firestone Orange
Levingston Shipyard Orange
OI Paper Mill Orange
Owens Illinois Paper Company Orange
Phillips Carbon Orange
Sabine Industries Orange
Shell Oil Refinery Orange
Spencer Chemical-Gulf Oil Plant Orange
Pittsburgh Corning Owentown
Roadmaster Owentown
Cabot Plant Pampa
Celanese Pampa
Phillips Petroleum Pampa
Pan-Tex Plant Panhandle
Babcock & Wilcox Paris
Campbell's Soup Plant Paris
A.G. Monday Plastic Plant Pasadena
Air Products Pasadena
Al Wheeler Pasadena
Arco Refinery Pasadena
Arco Sinclair Pasadena
Bayshore Hospital Pasadena
Celanese Chemical Pasadena
Champion Simpson Paper Mill Pasadena
Crown Chemical Petroleum Pasadena
Crown Chemical Refinery Pasadena
Crown-Central Refinery Pasadena
Deerwater Power Plant Pasadena
Diamond Shamrock Pasadena
Dixie Chemical Pasadena
Dupont Chemical Pasadena
Ethel Corp Pasadena
Exxon Refinery Pasadena
Goodyear Plant Pasadena
Hoechst Celanese Pasadena
Humble Exxon Pasadena
Marathon Oil Pasadena
Mobil Chemical Pasadena
Parson Construction Pasadena
Pasadena School District Pasadena
Phillips 66 Pasadena
Phillips Petroleum Pasadena
Rohm & Haas Pasadena
Rohm- Haas Pasadena
Shell Oil Pasadena
Sol-Tex Pasadena
Tennaco Pasadena
Texas All-Kyls Pasadena-Deer Park
Brandon Hotel Pecos
Phillips Petroleum Rice Plant Phillips
Plains Plant Plains
Alcoa Plant Point Comfort
Formosa Plastics Point Comfort
Texaco Port Angeles
Stillman Trans Port Aransas Pass
Atlantic Refinery Port Arthur
Carbon Black Plant Port Arthur
Chevron Port Arthur
Continental Can Co Port Arthur
Fina Refinery Port Arthur
Great Lakes Carbon Port Arthur
Gulf Oil Power Plant Port Arthur
St Mary's Hospital Port Arthur
Texaco Chemical Plant Port Arthur
Texaco Refinery Port Arthur
Alcoa Port Lavaca
Atar Facility Port Lavaca
Dechert Exxon Port Lavaca
Joslin Power Station Port Lavaca
Union Carbide Port Lavaca
Dupont Chemical Port Neches
Independent Refinery Port Neches
Jefferson Chemical Port Neches
Neches Butane Products Port Neches
Petro Gas Port Neches Port Neches
Pure Oil Refinery Port Neches
Texaco Chemical Plant Port Neches
Texaco Refinery Port Neches
Texas US Chemical Port Neches
BF Goodrich Port Nueces
University of Texas At Austin Powerhouse
Petrochemical Plant Premont
B&R Compressor Station Refugio
Compressor Station Refugio
Texas Instruments Richardson
TI Manufacturer Richardson
Rincon Gas Compression Station Rio Grande City
Alcoa Plant Rockdale
Rusk State Hospital Rusk
Goodfellow AFB San Angelo
Johnson & Johnson San Angelo
San Angelo School District San Angelo
Shannon Hospital San Angelo
Beckwith Eng. San Antonio
C5 Building San Antonio
Calaveras Power Plant San Antonio
City Public Service San Antonio
JT Deeley Power Plant San Antonio
Lackland Air Force Base San Antonio
Lackland Power Plant San Antonio
Leon Creek Power Plant San Antonio
Mission Road Power Plant San Antonio
Pearl Brewing San Antonio
San Antonio Power Plant San Antonio
Southern Ice & cold Storage San Antonio
Texaco Oil Refinery San Antonio
Texas Culture Building San Antonio
Tutle Power San Antonio
US AA building San Antonio
US Hospital San Antonio
Victor Bauning Power Plant San Antonio
Water Power Division San Antonio
WB Tuttle Power Plant San Antonio
Reynolds Metals Company San Patrick
Phillips Petroleum Sanford
Brown & Root Seadrift
Union Carbide Seadrift
Vistron Seadrift
Trentham Corp Senora
AT&T Building Sequin
Southland Paper Mill Sheldon
Capital Product Sherman
Kaiser Aluminum Sherman
Texas Instruments Sherman
Wilson Jones Hospital Sherman
RSI Sherman-Denison
Cabot Plant Skelleytown
Santa Fe Railroad Slaton
Nalco Chemical Sugarland
Price Ford Motor Sulphur Springs
Arco Chemical Plant Sundown
Shamrock Refinery Sunray
Amoco Refinery Sweeney
Phillips Petroleum Sweeney
Phillips Refinery Sweeney
Sweetwater School District Sweetwater
United States Gypsum Sweetwater
Bahan Textile Taylor
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Texarkana
Globe Union Johnson Control Texarkana
Red River Army Depot Texarkana
Celotex Corp Texas
American Oil Texas City
Amoco Chemical Texas City
Amoco Refinery Texas City
Amoco Texas City Texas City
Arthur G. McKee Construction Texas City
Bechtel Refinery Texas City
Bethel Texas City
GAF Plant Texas City
Marathon Oil Texas City
Monsanto Chemical Texas City
Pan American Refinery Texas City
Philbra Texas City
Republic Oil Texas City Texas City
Sterling Chemical Texas City
Tin Processing Corp Texas City
Union Carbide Texas City
Union Republic Plant Texas City
Weftner Power Plant Texas City
White Coast Texas City
S-R Wintergreen Tomball
Wessell Manufacturing Tomball
Block Metal Tyler
General Electric Trine Plant Tyler
Kelly Springfield Tire Tyler
Southern Aluminum Tyler
Sterling Faucet Tyler
Tyler Lee HS Tyler
Tyler Pipe Tyler
Western Foundry Tyler
EL Cor Chemical Van Horn
Spencer Chemical-Gulf Oil Plant Vicksburg
CP&L Electric Plant Victoria
Dupont Chemical Victoria
Powerhouse Victoria
Town Plaza mall Victoria
Union Carbide Victoria
Victoria Works Victoria
Champion Paper Mill Vidor
Owens Illinois Paper Company Vidor
Libby Owens Ford Glass Plant Waco
Owens Illinois Waco
Trading House Creek Power Plant Waco
3M Plant Weatherford
Webster Power Plant Webster
Utex Weimar
Cherokee Street White Oak
City National Bank Wichita Falls
Fina Refinery Wichita Falls
Ponds Laundry Wichita Falls
Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls
Wichita Falls Auditorium Wichita Falls
YMCA Wichita Falls
Getty Oil Refinery Winnsboro
S&T Fabricating Woodville

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