Asbestos Exposure Sites in South Carolina

Our records contain 113 asbestos lawsuit exposure sites in South Carolina, though there are certainly more that have not been reported.

South Carolina Asbestos Exposure Sites

Asbestos in South Carolina

For decades, South Carolina buildings and products have used asbestos. Because of this, many South Carolina residents have been exposed to asbestos and are at risk for contracting mesothelioma cancer.

The symptoms of mesothelioma often take decades to appear, so South Carolina workers are at risk even if they were exposed to asbestos decades ago. Examples of South Carolina asbestos exposure sites include:

  • South Carolina factories
  • Powerplants in South Carolina
  • Refineries or Chemical Plants in South Carolina

Below is a list of 113 known sites of asbestos exposure in South Carolina. Asbestos exposure is known to have occurred in at least 55 South Carolina cities, though the number is likely even higher.

The South Carolina city with the most asbestos exposure sites was Charleston, SC, with 12 known sites contaminated by asbestos.

Site Name City
Dupont Powder Plant Aiken
Savannah River Plant Aiken
Daniel Construction Company Anderson
Monsanto Chemical Plant Anderson
Owens-Corning Plant Anderson
Stauffer Chemical Plant Anderson
Barnwell Nuclear Plant Barnwell
Allen Steam Plant Belmont
Magnolia Finishing Plant Blacksburg
U.S. Naval Base Buford
Rocky River Plant Calhoun Falls
Dupont Chemical Plant Camden
Canadys Power Plant Canady
South Carolina Gas & Electric Canady
Cone Mill Carlisle
Finishing Plant Carlisle
Textile Mill Carlisle
Bowater Paper Mill Catawba
Champion Paper Mill Catawba
Charleston Shipyard Charleston
Denton Shipyard Charleston
Detyen Shipyard Charleston
Goose Creek Naval Shipyard Charleston
South Carolina Power & Light Powerhouse Charleston
St. Francis Hospital Charleston
U. S. Naval Receiving Station Charleston
U.S. Navy Mine School Charleston
West Virginia Pulp & Paper Mill Charleston
Springs Cotton Mill Chester
Clemson University Clemson
Excelsior Textile Mill Clemson
Cliffside Steam Plant Cliffside
Fort Jackson Columbia
South Carolina Electric & Gas Building Columbia
University Of South Carolina Columbia
Lee Steam Plant Delzer
Dupont Chemical Plant Florence
Florence Paper Mill Florence
Stone Container Paper Mill Florence
Spring Cotton Mill Fort Mill
Georgetown Powerhouse Georgetown
Georgetown Veneer Co., Inc. Georgetown
International Paper Mill Georgetown
South Carolina Power And Light Georgetown
Winyard Steam Plant Georgetown
Monsanto Chemical Plant Greensboro
Daniel International Corp. Greenville
Fiber Industries Textile Plant Greenville
Furman University Greenville
International Industries Greenville
Union Bleachery Greenville
Chemstrand Greenwood
Greenwood Powerhouse Greenwood
Monsanto Chemical Plant Greenwood
Harleyville Cement Plant Harleyville
Little Giant Cement Company Harleyville
Sonoco Paper Company Hartsville
South Carolina Electric & Gas Plant Jenkensville
La France Industries La France
Spring Cotton Mills 2 Lancaster
Bowater Paper Mill Leslie
J.P. Stevens Textile Mill Mccormick
Milliken Mills Mccormick
Woolen Mill Mccormick
South Carolina Electric & Gas Monks Corner
Westvaco Paper Mill North Charleston
Oconee Nuclear Plant Oconee
Greenwood Mills Orangeburg
Orangeburg State College Orangeburg
Wannamaker Chemical Plant Orangeburg
Duke Power House Pelzar
Excelsior Finishing Mill Pendleton
Milliken Mills Pendleton
Bowater Paper Mill Rock Hill
Catawba Plant Rock Hill
Celanese Chemical Plant Rock Hill
Champion Paper Mill Rock Hill
Rock Hill Printing & Finishing Plant Rock Hill
Jocasse Steam Plant Salem
Celanese Chemical Plant Salisbury
Duke Power Plant Seneca
Oconee Nuclear Plant Seneca
Celanese Chemical Plant Spartanburg
Fiber Industries Spartanburg
Hercules Textile Mill Spartanburg
Hystron Industries Spartanburg
Spartan Mill Spartanburg
University Of South Carolina Spartanburg
Starr-Davis Various
Regal Textiles Ware Shoals
S.C. Electric And Gas Plant Wateree
Wateree Powerhouse Wateree
Hercules Waterloo
Oconee Nuclear Plant Williamston
Atomic Energy Plant Aiken
Savannah River Project Akins
Charleston Naval Shipyard Charleston
Tanners Creek Station Charleston
US Naval Station Charleston
United Merchants Clearwater
Eastman Kodak Columbia
Trojan Steel Columbia
VA Hospital Columbia
Eastover Paper Mill Eastover
Union Carbide Florence
Daniel Building Greenville
Allied Chemical Irma
Camp Geiger Jacksonville
Camp Lejune Marine Base Jacksonville
Oconee Nuclear Station Oconee County
Michelin Tire Sandy Springs
Shaw Air Force Base South Carolina
Steele Hedder Taylor

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