Asbestos Exposure Sites in New Mexico

Our records contain 60 asbestos lawsuit exposure sites in New Mexico, though there are certainly more that have not been reported.

New Mexico Asbestos Exposure Sites

Asbestos in New Mexico

For decades, New Mexico buildings and products have used asbestos. Because of this, many New Mexico residents have been exposed to asbestos and are at risk for contracting mesothelioma cancer.

The symptoms of mesothelioma often take decades to appear, so New Mexico workers are at risk even if they were exposed to asbestos decades ago. Examples of New Mexico asbestos exposure sites include:

  • New Mexico factories
  • Powerplants in New Mexico
  • Refineries or Chemical Plants in New Mexico

Below is a list of 60 known sites of asbestos exposure in New Mexico. Asbestos exposure is known to have occurred in at least 25 New Mexico cities, though the number is likely even higher.

The New Mexico city with the most asbestos exposure sites was Albuquerque, NM, with 14 known sites contaminated by asbestos.

Site Name City
American Gypsum Plant Albuquerque
Kirtland Air Force Base Albuquerque
Kirtland Power Plant Albuquerque
Nuclear Power Plant Albuquerque
Person Power Plant Albuquerque
Reeves Power Plant Albuquerque
Sandia Air Base Albuquerque
University Of New Mexico Hospital Albuquerque
City Of Alexandria Power Plant Alexandria
Anapra Power House (El Paso Electric Co.) Anapra
Carlsbad Power House Carlsbad
Kerr-Mcgee Potash Refinery Carlsbad
New Mexico Public Service Carlsbad
Southwestern Public Service Power Plant Carlsbad
Chevron Gas Plant Eunice
Chaco Canyon Plant (Natural Gas) Farmington
Four Corners Power Plant/Arizona Public Service Farmington
San Juan Generating Plant Farmington
San Juan Power Plant Farmington
Four Corners Power Plant Fruitland
Cuttingham Station Hobbs
El Paso Natural Gas Company Booster Station (s) Hobbs
New Mexico Power & Light Hobbs
Kennecott Copper Refinery Hurley
El Paso Natural Gas Plant Jal
Johnson Space Center Las Cruces
New Mexico State College Las Cruces
New Mexico State University Las Cruces
Los Alamos National Laboratory Los Alamos
Newman Power Plant Newman
El Paso Natural Gas Refinery Oil Center
Houston Lumber Company Roswell
Public Service Powerhouse Roswell
St. Mary’s Hospital Roswell
El Paso Electric Rio Grande Power Plant Sunland
Phelps Dodge Copper Refinery Tyrone
Phelps Dodge Corp. Concentrator Tyrone
Phelps Dodge Tyrone Mine Tyrone
Public Service Co. Of New Mexico (San Juan Power Plant) Waterflow
White Sands Missile Site White Sands
Associates Food Services Albuquerque
Coronado Center Albuquerque
New Mexico Power Plant Albuquerque
Park Plaza Albuquerque
University of New Mexico Albuquerque
Western Skies Hotel Albuquerque
Albuquerque City Auditorium Albuquerque City
Albuquerque School District Albuquerque City
National Pot Ash Refinery Carlsbad
Potash Company of America Carlsbad
Skelly Oil Eunice
Banco Plant Farmington
Bloomfield Plant Farmington
Chaco Plant Farmington
Four Corners Power Plant Four Corners
City of Los Cruces Los Cruces
Warren Petroleum Monument
Oil Center Plant Oil Center
Phelps Dodge Playas
TU Electric Trinidad

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