Asbestos Exposure Sites in Montana

Our records contain 12 asbestos lawsuit exposure sites in Montana, though there are certainly more that have not been reported.

Montana Asbestos Exposure Sites

Asbestos in Montana

For decades, Montana buildings and products have used asbestos. Because of this, many Montana residents have been exposed to asbestos and are at risk for contracting mesothelioma cancer.

The symptoms of mesothelioma often take decades to appear, so Montana workers are at risk even if they were exposed to asbestos decades ago. Examples of Montana asbestos exposure sites include:

  • Montana factories
  • Powerplants in Montana
  • Refineries or Chemical Plants in Montana

Below is a list of 12 known sites of asbestos exposure in Montana. Asbestos exposure is known to have occurred in at least 7 Montana cities, though the number is likely even higher.

The Montana city with the most asbestos exposure sites was Billings, MT, with 4 known sites contaminated by asbestos.

Site Name City
Anaconda Smelter Anaconda
Corette Powerhouse Billings
Anaconda Aluminum Plant Columbia Falls
Montana-Dakota Utilities Steam Plant Glendive
Carter Oil Refinery Billings
Conoco Refinery Billings
Yellowtail Dam Billings
Arco Aluminum Plant Columbia Falls
Catholic Hospital Great Falls
Minute Man Missile Site Great Falls
Yellowtail Dam Hardin
WR Grace Libby

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