Asbestos Exposure Sites in Mississippi

Our records contain 195 asbestos lawsuit exposure sites in Mississippi, though there are certainly more that have not been reported.

Mississippi Asbestos Exposure Sites

Asbestos in Mississippi

For decades, Mississippi buildings and products have used asbestos. Because of this, many Mississippi residents have been exposed to asbestos and are at risk for contracting mesothelioma cancer.

The symptoms of mesothelioma often take decades to appear, so Mississippi workers are at risk even if they were exposed to asbestos decades ago. Examples of Mississippi asbestos exposure sites include:

  • Mississippi factories
  • Powerplants in Mississippi
  • Refineries or Chemical Plants in Mississippi

Below is a list of 195 known sites of asbestos exposure in Mississippi. Asbestos exposure is known to have occurred in at least 69 Mississippi cities, though the number is likely even higher.

The Mississippi city with the most asbestos exposure sites was Jackson, MS, with 26 known sites contaminated by asbestos.

Site Name City
Gulf Alliance Refinery Bell Chase
American Packing Plant Booneville
Clarksdale Power Plant Clarksdale
Hooker Chemical Columbus
Weyerhauser Paper Mill Columbus
Buckeye Cellulose Plant Corinth
Buckeye Cotton Oil Plant Corinth
Kimberly Clark Plant Corinth
Kentucky Tennessee Clay Company Crenshaw
Dupont Chemical Plant Delisle
Mississippi Power Company Escatapawa
Daniel Power Plant Escatawpa
Escatawpa Power Plant Escatawpa
Mississippi Power & Light Plant Escatawpa
Georgia Pacific Plywood Mill Gloster
City Of Greenville Greenville
Greenville Mills Greenville
Greenville Power Plant Greenville
Mississippi Power & Light Powerhouse Greenville
U.S. Gypsum Greenville
Greenwood Electric Co-Op Plant Greenwood
Greenwood Power Plant Greenwood
Industrial Steel & Machine Works Fabricating Shop Gulfport
Jack Watson Power Plant Gulfport
Mississippi Power & Light Plant Gulfport
American Potash Chemical Plant Hamilton
Kerr-Mcgee Plant Hamilton
Hercules Chemical/Rubber Plant Hattiesburg
Hercules Power Plant Hattiesburg
Mississippi Power & Light Plant Hattiesburg
Transco Pipeline Compressor Station Hattiesburg
University Of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg
Mckinney Glass Co & Body Shop Hernando
Parker Hannifin Company Holly Springs
Wurlitzer Piano Plant Holly Springs
Allied Paper Mill Jackson
Armour Packing Jackson
Mississippi Power & Light Plant Jackson
Rex Brown Steam Plant Jackson
Shell Refinery Jackson
Veterans’ Administration Hospital Jackson
Bruce Lumber Plant Laurel
Continental Turpentine & Rosin Laurel
Mason Electric Company Laurel
Masonite Plant Laurel
Flintkote Magnolia
Cook Industries Plant Marks
Flintkote Plant Meridian
Lauderdale County Courthouse Meridian
Meridian Powerhouse Meridian
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill Monticello
St. Regis/Champion Paper Mill Monticello
Moselle Power Plant Moselle
Southern Mississippi Powerhouse Moselle
Halter Marine Shipyard Moss Point
International Paper Mill Moss Point
Litton Systems Building Moss Point
Moss Point Missisippi Paper Mill Moss Point
Thiokol/Morton Chemical Plant Moss Point
Armstrong Tire & Rubber Plant Natchez
International Paper Mill Natchez
Mcgehee Lumber Company Natchez
Mississippi Power & Light Plant Natchez
Chicago Bridge & Iron Shipyard Pascagoula
Coastal Chemical Plant Pascagoula
First Chemical Plant Pascagoula
Ingalls Shipyard Pascagoula
Ingles Shipyard Pascagoula
International Paper Mill Pascagoula
Litton Shipyard Pascagoula
Mississippi Chemical Plant Pascagoula
Mississippi Phosphates Plant Pascagoula
Mississippi Power & Light Pascagoula
Quaker Oats Plant Pascagoula
Schoupeter Shipyard Pascagoula
Standard Service Station Pascagoula
Thiokol Chemical Pascagoula
St. Regis Paper Mill Prentis
Hess Refinery Purvis
Pontiac Refinery Purvis
R.D. Morrow Power Plant Purvis
International Paper Mill Redwood
Southland Oil Refinery Sandersville
St. Regis Paper Mill Silver Creek
Georgia Pacific Chemical Plant Taylorsville
Georgia Pacific Plywood Mill Taylorsville
Transcontinental Pipeline Tylertown
Anderson Tully Plant Vicksburg
Baxter Wilson Power Plant Vicksburg
International Paper Mill Vicksburg
Mississippi Power & Light Power Plant Vicksburg
Vicksburg Hardwood Mill Vicksburg
Vicksburg Power Plant Vicksburg
Day Companies Waynesboro
Mississippi Chemical Plant Yazoo City
Chemical Plant Aberdeen
Taylor Forge Ackerman
Poloron Batesville
Belzone Oil Works Belzone
Helena Chemical Belzoni
Sears & Roebuck Biloxi
Canton Courthouse Canton
Nosag Canton
Carthage & Company Carthage
Collinswood Processing Plant Collins
AMOCO Service Station Durant
Tylon Zipper Plant Durant
Zipper Plant Durant
Fayette Power Plant Fayette
Calafoc Lime Plant Floorwood
Choctaw Maid Forrest
Ground Govt Nuclear Power Fort Gibson
Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant FT. Gibson
Atkins Steel Mill Greenville
Chunn Automotive Greenville
Mississippi Power & Light Greenville
United States Gypsum Mill Greenville
US Gypsum Greenville
Baldwin Piano Greenwood
Colonial Homes Greenwood
Ferguson Brothers Greenwood
Plant Watson Gulf Port
Watts Garage Gulf Port
Chattanooga Glass Gulfport
Ingalls Shipyard Gulfport
Irby Steel Gulfport
Olin Aluminum Plant Gulfport
Otis Garage Gulfport
Sears & Roebuck Gulfport
Yellow Creek Power Plant Iuka
Bagby Hall Ford-Jackson Lincoln Mercury-Highlands Jackson
Crucial Steel Jackson
General Electric Jackson
Mississippi Power & Light Jackson
Old Central High School Jackson
Parts Incorporated Jackson
Presto Manufacturing Jackson
Process Engineering Jackson
Saint Regis Paper Mil Jackson
Sellers Motors Jackson
Sheller Globe Jackson
St Dominic Hospital Jackson
State Office building Jackson
Stribling & Puckett Caterpillar Jackson
Universal Maanetak Jackson
University Medical Center Jackson
US Army Jackson
Veterans Hospital Jackson
Western Plaza Jackson
Zinco Jackson
Burke Shade Company Kosciusko
Pet Milk Co Kosciusko
Sheller Globe Kosciusko
Boot Smith Trucking Laurel
Alcorn State Library Loreman
Delta Brick Macon
National Pants Factory Macon
Beecham Hospital Magnolia
Armstrong Tire & Rubber Natchez
Bluff City Motors Natchez
International Paper Company Natchez
Natchez Adam County Port Natchez
Woolco Natchez
Ole Miss University Oxford
Merchant Marine Shipyard Pascagoula
Pascagoula Shipyard Pascagoula
Sinclair Oil Pascagoula
St River Hospital Pascagoula
Standard Oil Pascagoula
Todd Shipyard Pascagoula
Pearl School District Pearl
Bridgeport Equipment Co Pickens
Burl Southern Paper Mill Pickens
BW Blaine Construction Pickens
Chevrolet Dealership Pickens
Box & Veneer Company Port Gibson
National Plastic Port Gibson
Nuclear Power Plant Port Gibson
Port Gibson Box & Veneer Co. Pt. Gibson
Port Gibson Oil Works Pt. Gibson
Richardson Primary School Pt. Gibson
Raymond HS Raymond
Georgia Pacific Saw Mill Roxie
Borden Starkville
Starkville Coiseum Starkville
Stateline HS Stateline
Associates Construction Company Tchula
T.E. Mercer Construction Company Tchula
Trinity Contract Company Tchula
Westview Apartments Vicksbug
Babcock & Wilcox Westpoint
Bryan Foods Westpoint
Mississippi Chemical Yazoo City
Yazoo Chemical Yazoo City
Yazoo Power Plant Yazoo City

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