Asbestos Exposure Sites in Alabama

Our records contain 362 asbestos lawsuit exposure sites in Alabama, though there are certainly more that have not been reported.

Alabama Asbestos Exposure Sites

Asbestos in Alabama

For decades, Alabama buildings and products have used asbestos. Because of this, many Alabama residents have been exposed to asbestos and are at risk for contracting mesothelioma cancer.

The symptoms of mesothelioma often take decades to appear, so Alabama workers are at risk even if they were exposed to asbestos decades ago. Examples of Alabama asbestos exposure sites include:

  • Alabama factories
  • Powerplants in Alabama
  • Refineries or Chemical Plants in Alabama

Below is a list of 362 known sites of asbestos exposure in Alabama. Asbestos exposure is known to have occurred in at least 86 Alabama cities, though the number is likely even higher.

The Alabama city with the most asbestos exposure sites was Mobile, AL, with 76 known sites contaminated by asbestos.

Site Name City
Russell Foundry Alexander City
Gant Power Andulusia
Alabama Pipe Company Anniston
Anniston Army Depot Anniston
Monsanto Chemical Plant Anniston
Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Athens
Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Athens
Colbert Steam Plant Athens
Wheeler Dam Athens
Pioneer Fabricating Shop Attalla
Barry Steam Plant Axis
Courtaulds Chemical Plant Axis
Halby Chemical Axis
Shell Chemical Plant Axis
Shell Refinery Axis
Stauffer (Lemoyne) Chemical Plant Axis
Colbert Steam Plant Barton
Newport/Tenneco/Reichold Plant Bay Minette
Bessemer Steel Mill Bessemer
Hercules Powder (Explosives) "Birmingham" Chemical Plant Bessemer
Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Bessemer
Sloss Sheffield Steel & Iron Bessemer
Stockholm Valve Bessemer
U.S. Pipe Plant Bessemer
U.S. Steel Mill Bessemer
Woodward Iron Bessemer
ACIPCO Birmingham
Airco Birmingham
Alabama By-Products Co. (ABC) Foundry Birmingham
Alabama Power Office Building Birmingham
Alabama Power Plant Birmingham
American Cast Iron Pipe Co. (ACIPCO) Pipe Plant Birmingham
AT&T Office Birmingham
Avondale Chemical Plant Birmingham
Avondale Mills Birmingham
Badham Insulation Co. Warehouse Birmingham
Badham Insulation Shop Birmingham
Caldwell Foundry Birmingham
Chicago Bridge & Iron Fabricating Plant Birmingham
Clow Pipe Plant Birmingham
Continental Gin Company Birmingham
Daniel Building Birmingham
Empire Building Birmingham
First National (Southern Natural Gas) Building Birmingham
Gorgas Steam Plant Birmingham
Goslin Foundry Birmingham
Hayes International Corporation Birmingham
Hayes International Shop Birmingham
Ingalls Iron Works 2nd Shipbuilding Birmingham
Ingalls Steel Construction Company Birmingham
Jefferson Foundry Birmingham
Jefferson Iron & Metal Birmingham
L & N Division Office Birmingham
L & N Railroad Birmingham
Mcwane Iron Birmingham
Montclair Baptist Hospital Birmingham
Montclair Hospital Birmingham
North Brothers Warehouse Birmingham
Old Alabama Power Building Birmingham
Pemco Aeroplex, Inc. Birmingham
Princeton Hospital Birmingham
Pullman Standard Birmingham
Republic Steel Birmingham
Republic Steel Mill Birmingham
Reynolds Aluminum Birmingham
Shook & Fletcher Warehouse Birmingham
Sloss Furnaces Birmingham
Southern Railroad Birmingham
Southern Railroad Warehouse Birmingham
Stockholm Valve Birmingham
Tennessee Coal Iron & Railroad Co. Birmingham
Tutwiler Hotel Birmingham
U.S. Pipe And Foundry Birmingham
U.S. Steel Birmingham
University Hospital Birmingham
Western Grain Feed Plant Birmingham
Woodward Iron/ Koppers Birmingham
Woodward/Iron Koppers Birmingham
American Container Paper Mill Brewton
Brewton Paper Mill Brewton
Container Corporation Paper Mill Brewton
Continental Can Paper Mill Brewton
International Paper Mill Brewton
James River Paper Mill Brewton
Widows Creek Steam Plant Bridgeport
Stone Container Paper Mill Bruton
Barry Steam Plant Bucks
Ingalls Iron Works Bucks
Stauffer Chemical (Lemoyne) Plant Bucks
American Can Paper Mill Butler
Continental Can Paper Mill Butler
James River Paper Mill Butler
James River/American Can/Marathon Paper Mill Butler
International Paper Mill Camden
Union Camp Saw Mill Chapman
Armour/La Roche/Us Agriculture Chemical Plant Cherokee
Colbert Steam Plant Cherokee
Union Carbide Chemical Plant Chickasaw
Warrior & Gulf Shipyard Chickasaw
Alabama Ordinance Works Childersburg
Beaunit "Knitting" Rayon (Coosa Pines) Textile Mill Childersburg
Coosa River Newsprint, aka Kimberly Clark Paper Mill Childersburg
Dupont Powder Plant Childersburg
Wilsonville Steam Plant Childersburg
Green County Steam Plant Cottonton
Mead Paper Co. Cottonton
Champion Papermill Courtland
Wheeler Dam Courtland
Cumberland Steam Plant Cumberland City
Amoco Chemical Decatur
Redstone Arsenal Decatur
3M Chemical Plant Decatur
Air Pro Decatur
Airco Plant Decatur
American Oil Refinery (Amoco) Decatur
Amoco Decatur
Amoco Chemical Plant Decatur
Brown Ferry Nuclear Plant Decatur
Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Plant Decatur
Chemstrand/Monsanto Chemical Plant Decatur
Decatur Substation (TVA) Decatur
Dow Corning Fibreglass Decatur
Fluor Daniel Decatur
Freuhauf Trailer Smelting Plant Decatur
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Plant Decatur
Ingalls Barge Works Repair Yard Decatur
Ingalls Shipyard Decatur
Trinity Substation (TVA) Decatur
Wheeler Dam Decatur
Wolverine Copper Tube Plant Decatur
Wolverine Tube Decatur
Green County Paper Mill Demopolis
Green County Steam Plant Demopolis
Gulf States Paper Mill Demopolis
Union Bag Paper Mill Demopolis
Dan River Power Station Eden
Butler Manufacturing Ensley
U.S. Steel Mill Ensley
Alabama By-Products Co. (Abc) Foundry Fairfield
Allied-Celotex-Barrett-Jim Walters Roof Materials Plant Fairfield
Fairfield Steel Works Fairfield
Tennessee Coal & Iron Fairfield
Humble Oil Field Flomaton
ECM Hospital Florence
Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital Florence
Knit Kote Textile Mill Florence
Reynolds Aluminum Plant Florence
Weyerhauser Paper Mill Florence
Wilson Dam Florence
Fort Rucker Boiler Plant Fort Rucker
Alabama Power Plant Gadsden
Bellefonte Nuclear Powerhouse Gadsden
Coosa Pipe & Foundry Gadsden
Gadsden Steam Plant Gadsden
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Plant Gadsden
Gulf States Steel Gadsden
Republic Steel - General Labor Pool Gadsden
Republic Steel/Gulf States Steel/LTV Steel Gadsden
Gant Power Plant Gant
Gnatt Powerhouse Gnatt
Alabama Power Plant Gorgas
Gorgas Steam Plant Gorgas
Alabama Electrical Corp. Grant
Green County Steam Plant Green County
3M Chemical Plant Guin
Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Hollywood
Central Foundry Co. Holt
Turkey Point Powerhouse Homestead
5400 Building Huntsville
Alabama College Huntsville
Automatic Electric Electronics Plant Huntsville
Huntsville City Schools Huntsville
Huntsville High School Huntsville
Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville
Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Chemical Plant Huntsville
Redstone Arsenal Huntsville
Thiokol Chemical Huntsville
Union Carbide Chemical Plant Huntsville
Allied/Boise Cascade Paper Mill Jackson
Jacksonville State University Jacksonville
Ketona Chemical Plant Ketona
West Point Pepperill Textile Mill Lanett
Rockwool Plant Leeds
Shell Chemical Plant Lemoyne
Reynolds Alloys Plant Listerhill
Reynolds Metals Plant Listerhill
Livingston State Teachers College Livingston
Livingston University Livingston
Ciba-Geigy Chemical Plant Mcintosh
Olin Mathieson Chemical Plant Mcintosh
Midland City Elementary School Midland City
Addsco Shipyard Mobile
Admiral Sims Motor Hotel Mobile
Alabama Dry Dock Mobile
Bender Shipyard Mobile
Gulf Engineering Mobile
Mobile Shipyard Mobile
Alabama Dry Dock (Addsco) Shipyard Mobile
Alabama Power & Light Mobile
Alabama Power Company Mobile
Alabama Power Office Building Mobile
Alabama Power Plant Mobile
Alabama State Docks Mobile
ALCOA Aluminum Plant Mobile
Aluminum Ore Plant Mobile
Aluminum Ore Powerhouse Mobile
American Cyanamid Chemical Plant Mobile
Atlas Marine Shipyard Mobile
Bell Telephone Building (s) Mobile
Bemis Bag Paper Mill Mobile
Bender Shipbuilding & Repair Mobile
Bender Welding & Metal Shop Mobile
Brookley Air Force Base Mobile
Brookley Field Mobile
Brookley Field Warehouse (s) Mobile
Courtaulds Fibers Mobile
Diamond Head Chemcial Plant Mobile
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Plant Mobile
Doctors Hospital Mobile
Eagle Chemical Plant Mobile
First National Bank Building Mobile
GAF Plant Mobile
Gulf Development Company, Inc. Mobile
Gulf Electric Co. Shop Mobile
Gulf Lumber Mill Mobile
Gulf Shipyard Mobile
Gulf States Paper Mill Mobile
Hollingsworth/Whitney Paper Mill (N/K/A Scott Paper Mill) Mobile
Ideal Cement Mobile
Ideal Cement Plant Mobile
Ingalls Shipyard Mobile
International Paper Mill Mobile
Little Big Horn Mobile
Marathon Oil Refinery Mobile
Marine Junk Co., Inc. Mobile
Marine Specialties Mobile
Marine Specialty Store Mobile
Mobile Airport Mobile
Mobile Infirmary Mobile
Mobile Infirmary Hospital Mobile
Mobile Linen Mobile
Mobile Pulley & Machine Works Mobile
Mobile Pulley Works Mobile
Mobile Ship Repair (A/K/A Gulf Shipyard) Mobile
National Gypsum Plant Mobile
Ruberoid Plant Mobile
Ruberoid Roof Shingle Plant Mobile
Ruberoid/GAF Manufacturing Plant Mobile
Sanders Cotton Mill Mobile
Scott Paper & Wood Yard Mobile
Scott Paper Credit Union Mobile
Scott Papermill Mobile
Shell Chemical Mobile
Shook & Fletcher Mobile
Smith & Kelly Brick Plant Mobile
Smith Kelly Supply Company Mobile
St. Regis Paper Mill Mobile
Standard Oil Refinery Mobile
Stauffer Chemical Plant Mobile
Turner Lumber Mill Mobile
Turner Supply Co. Mobile
Union Carbide Chemical Plant Mobile
Virginia Chemical Plant Mobile
Warrior & Gulf Shipyard Mobile
Waterman Building Mobile
Waterman’s Shipyard Mobile
Westinghouse Electric Shop Mobile
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill Monroeville
Vanity Fair Mills Monroeville
Montevallo College Montevallo
U.S. Gypsum Mine Montevallo
Westinghouse Plant Montevallo
GE Fiber Plant Montgomery
Brockway Glass Montgomery
Maxwell Air Force Base Montgomery
Mobile River Saw Mill Mount Vernon
Muscle Shoals Rubber Company Muscle Shoals
Wilson Dam Muscle Shoals
Sewing Mil Opelika
WestPoint Teppermill Cotton Mill Opelika
Pepperell Mills Opelika
Avondale Mills Textile Mill Pell City
James River/American Can/Marathon Paper Mill Pennington
Mcmillian Bloedel Paper Mill Pine Hill
Tennessee Coal And Iron And Railroad Company Pratt City
Union Camp Paper Mill Prattville
Barnett Mill Prichard
Gulf Lumber Company Prichard
National Cement Plant Ragland
Wheeler Dam Rogersville
U.S. Reduction Plant Russellville
Dan River Cotton Mill Selma
Craig Air Force Base Selma
Hammermill/International Paper Mill Selma
Southern Natural Gas Compressor Station Selma
Vaugh Medical Center Selma
1st Methodist Church Sheffield
B.C. Fertilizer Plant Sheffield
Diamond Shamrock/Occidental Alkalai Sheffield
Ford Motor Plant Sheffield
Muscle Shoals Rubber Plant Sheffield
Nitrate Plant Sheffield
Reynolds Alloys Plant Sheffield
Reynolds Credit Union Sheffield
Reynolds Metals Plant Sheffield
Reynolds Reclamation Plant Sheffield
Reynolite Plant aka Sheffield Can Plant Sheffield
TVA Ammonia Nitrate Plant Sheffield
TVA Fertilizer Chemical Plant Sheffield
TVA Fossil Fuel Plant Sheffield
TVA Gasification Plant Sheffield
TVA Nerve Gas Plant Sheffield
TVA Nitrate Plant Sheffield
TVA Nitrate Plant #2 Sheffield
TVA Office Building Sheffield
TVA P.D.W. Plant Sheffield
TVA Phosphate Chemical Plant Sheffield
TVA Phosphate Development Works Nerve Gas Plant Sheffield
TVA Power Plant Sheffield
TVA Power Service Shop Sheffield
TVA Pwd Chemical Plant Sheffield
TVA Service Shop Sheffield
TVA Sheffield Garage Sheffield
TVA Water Plant Sheffield
TVA Watershed Property Sheffield
Union Carbide Metallurgical Plant Sheffield
Wheeler Dam Sheffield
Wheeler Dam Power Plant Sheffield
Wheeler Dam Steam Plant Sheffield
Wilson Dam Sheffield
Wilson Dam Hydro Plant Sheffield
Wilson Dam Steam Plant Sheffield
Wilson Steam Plant Sheffield
Culp Smelting & Refining Steele
Meade Paper Mill Stevenson
Widow’s Creek Power Plant Stevenson
Avondale Mills Textile Mill Sylacauga
Talladega College Talladega
Alabama By-Products Co. (Abc) Tarrant City
Great Plains Pipeline Theodore
Degussa Chemical Plant Theodore
Cogle Lumber Mill Thomasville
Stutts Saw Mill Thomasville
Alabama Binder & Chemical Corporation Tuscaloosa
B.F. Goodrich Plant Tuscaloosa
Central Supply Company, Inc. Tuscaloosa
Cole Supply Company, Inc. Tuscaloosa
Gulf States Paper Mill Tuscaloosa
Hunt Oil Refinery Tuscaloosa
Reichold Chemical Plant Tuscaloosa
University Of Alabama Tuscaloosa
Colbert Steam Plant Tuscumbia
Robbins Tire & Rubber Plant Tuscumbia
Veterans’ Administration Hospital Tuskegee
Dupont Powder Plant Watson
Miller Steam Plant West Jefferson
Wheeler Dam Wheeler Dam
Wilson Dam Wilson Dam
Gaston Steam Plant/Wilsonville Steam Plant Wilsonville
Southern Electric Generating (SEGCO) Power Plant Wilsonville
Koppers Plant Woodward
Woodward Iron Woodward

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